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Contacts by Office

Dean's Office

Ehlers, Michelle(734) 764-5347[email protected]2840 SSWBDEAN
Brown, Laura J.[email protected]2852 SSSWB
Harrison, Jason P.(734) 763-6288[email protected]2833 SSWBADEP
Hayden, Stephen(734) 764-6467[email protected]2852 SSWB
McPherson, Hannah(734) 764-5340[email protected]B634/1772 SSWB


Hoppen, Charlotte(734) 647-6586[email protected]2815 SSWB
Jomaa-Jouney, Halla(734) 615-2581[email protected]
Mariles, Madison(734) 936-7794[email protected]2753 SSWB
Niehaus, Abigail[email protected]2807 SSWB
Riske, Nancy(734) 615-3402[email protected]2765 SSWB


DeBord, Jennifer(734) 615-2949[email protected]2784 SSWB
Grogan-Kaylor, Shari L.(734) 615-2120[email protected]2784 SSWB
Pratt, David W(734) 764-4833[email protected]3821 SSWB
Stante, Samantha(734) 764-9270[email protected]Suite 2100VP Comm Office
Tambeau, Renée(734) 763-9534[email protected]2823 SSWB
Williams, Nicholas E.(734) 647-8416[email protected]2747 SSWB

Admin Services HR

Bankston, Ryan(734) 936-4841[email protected]2841 SSWB
Blochowski, Nikky[email protected]2852 SSWBADEP


Dumbeck, Kari L.(734) 936-4951[email protected]2770 SSWB
Hobbs, Christine(734) 763-5896[email protected]2770 SSWB


Burden, Kevin(734) 647-3070[email protected]FAST


Burger, Lori C.(734) 647-6412[email protected]2821 SSWB
Miller, Kristen E.(734) 763-2345[email protected]2815 SSWB


Bilby, Randall(734) 615-2172[email protected]2747 SSWB
Buza, Susan(734) 764-5683[email protected]3770 SSWB
Huff, Micah[email protected]2780 SSWB
LaRoe, Robert(734) 764-7574[email protected]2780 SSWB
Smith, Thomas(734) 764-1261[email protected]B761 SSWB
Winberg, Matthew[email protected]


Caviani, Jodi(734) 936-0805[email protected]2831 SSWB
Farmer, Amber E.(734) 763-6202[email protected]2796 SSWB
Greenberg, David(734) 647-6586[email protected]2780 SSWB
Madias, Heidi M.(734) 763-2389[email protected]2780 SSWB
Stark-Knight, Deborah[email protected]2796 SSWB


Featherstone, Antuan(734) 764-2037[email protected]3852 SSWB
Lorr, Duke(734) 647-4733[email protected]SSW3668C
Sechler, Kathryn(734) 647-2542[email protected]3852 SSWB
Zavala, Lacea M.[email protected]3668C

Student Services & Enrollment Management

Boswell-Whitaker, Mary(734) 764-5334[email protected]1748 SSWB
Carrington, Cerise M.(734) 647-2544[email protected]1742 SSWB
Clement, Grant(734) 763-4261[email protected]
Colenback, Timothy L.(734) 936-0961[email protected]1734 SSWB
Durgy, Carole B.(734) 764-0289[email protected]2060 WoToAdmissions Representative
Feldkamp, Beth(734) 763-4218[email protected]1704B
Gorton, Michelle(734) 936-0968[email protected]1748 SSWB
Leier, Michael A.(734) 764-5330[email protected]1748 SSWB
McDermott, Michael D.(734) 763-6322[email protected]1748 SSWB
Tucker, Marisa(734) 647-0271[email protected]1741 SSWB
Zimmer, Erin L.(734) 764-7572[email protected]1741 SSWB

Career Services

Williams, Elizabeth M.(734) 763-6259[email protected]1696 SSWB
Woods, Michelle(734) 763-6259[email protected]1704F SSWB


Chapoff, Autumn(734) 764-7283[email protected]1772 SSWB
Kennedy, Dona L.(734) 764-7283[email protected]1772 SSWB

Field Education

Boussi, Zaynab K.(734) 764-6996[email protected]2660G SSWBLEO Lec IV
Burandt, Amy C.(734) 763-6254[email protected]2660J SSWBLEO Lec III
Castillo, Sara(734) 764-5331[email protected]2660 SSWB
Clarke, Khindra(734) 764-5331[email protected]2660 SSWB
Connolly, Miriam A.(734) 647-9433[email protected]2660B SSWBLEO Lec III
Dadswell, Christina(734) 647-5509[email protected]2660DLEO Lec III
Dyerly, Talia(734) 647-4537[email protected]2660 SSWB
Meagher, Celia(734) 647-5970[email protected]2660 SSWB
Naasko, Rachel T.(734) 647-4370[email protected]2660ASSWBLEO Lec IV
Osorio Cooksy, Rosalva(734) 615-7930[email protected]2660K SSWBLEO Lec IV
Peterson, Stacy L.(734) 763-6573[email protected]2660FSSWBLEO Lec IV
Robinson, Yatesha D.(734) 764-6996[email protected]2660G SSWBOFE
Singh, Nitesh(734) 647-5733[email protected]3770 SSWBLEO Lec III
Vantine, Aimée M.(734) 615-2158[email protected]2660E SSWBLEO Lec III

Global Activities

Kaempf, Greta E.(734) 615-0012[email protected]3668B SSWB
Lopez, Kathleen L.(734) 936-1964[email protected]3640A SSWBOGA Dir

CASC Undergraduate Minor

Galura, Joseph A.(734) 763-6579[email protected]3640C SSWBLEO Adjunct
Seales, Diana W.(734) 763-2979[email protected]3640B SSWBLEO Adjunct
Tanko, Couper[email protected]Library


Huynh, Todd D.(734) 647-2554[email protected]B636 SSWB
Marable, Karleigh(734) 647-8327[email protected]B634/1772 SSWB
Thomas, Laura A.(734) 763-8389[email protected]B638 SSWB

Curtis Center

Abelson, Jamie M.(734) 647-3681[email protected]5055 ISRCurtis Ctr
Sengupta, Srijani(734) 764-0055[email protected]3603A SSWB
Tatar, Kirstn(734) 647-4072[email protected]3603 SSWBCurtis Ctr

DEI Initiative

Halsey, Ronda L.(734) 615-5085[email protected]2622 SSWB
Torkelson, Callie B.(734) 647-2740[email protected]2807 SSWB

Research - AEDI

O'Brien, Megan(785) 760-3069[email protected]3734 SSWBElliott

Research - CADL

Piellusch, Emily(734) 764-6938[email protected]2728 SSWBCADL

Research - Detroit Initiative

Ghazi Edwin, Ayesha[email protected]3757 SSWBDetroit
Harb, Sonia M.[email protected]Detroit CenterDetroit
Salman, Fatima[email protected]Detroit

Research - Program Evaluation Group

Colasanti, Kathryn(734) 647-0372[email protected]2622 SSWBPEG
Greco, Lisa M.(734) 764-7918[email protected]2620B SSWBPEG
Helegda, Katharine R(734) 647-4625[email protected]2622 SSWBPEG

Research - TIDL

Harrington, Meghan[email protected]3616 SSWBTIDL
Landry, Caroline(734) 763-7784[email protected]3614 SSWBTIDL
Ross, Brittany(734) 647-6796[email protected]3622 SSWBTIDL
Rubyan, Marni A.(734) 936-8646[email protected]Library
Sharma, Apara[email protected]


Angell, Kathryn E.(734) 764-5347[email protected]2840 SSWBDean
Chatters, Linda M.(734) 763-0411[email protected]3794 SSWBProfessor
Elliott III, William(734) 764-9340[email protected]3734 SSWBProfessor
Gant, Larry M.(734) 763-5990[email protected]2620A SSWBProfessor
Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew(734) 615-3369[email protected]3846 SSWBProfessor
Herrenkohl, Todd I.(734) 763-9382[email protected]2712 SSWBProfessor
Himle, Joseph A.(734) 615-0611[email protected]Professor
Lee, Shawna J.(734) 763-6565[email protected]2848 SSWBProfessor
Li, Lydia W.(734) 936-4850[email protected]3839 SSWBProfessor
Perron, Brian E.(734) 763-9272[email protected]2728 SSWBProfessor
Pinto, Rogério Meireles(734) 763-2041[email protected]2850 SSWBProfessor
Ryan, Joseph P.(734) 763-6580[email protected]2848 SSWBProfessor
Shanks, Trina R.(734) 764-7411[email protected]3712 SSWBProfessor
Smith, Matthew J.(734) 764-9322[email protected]3796 SSWBProfessor
Staller, Karen M.(734) 763-5769[email protected]2702 SSWBProfessor
Taylor, Robert Joseph(734) 615-9601[email protected]4712 SSWBProfessor
Tolman, Richard M.(734) 764-5333[email protected]4726 SSWBProfessor
Watkins Jacobs, Daphne C.(734) 647-4072[email protected]Professor
Wexler, Lisa M.(734) 764-7806[email protected]3838 SSWBProfessor
Zebrack, Bradley J.(734) 615-5940[email protected]2778 SSWBProfessor
Bornheimer, Lindsay A.(734) 615-2915[email protected]3792 SSWBAssoc Prof
Christensen, M. Candace(734) 647-6538[email protected]3736 SSWBAssoc Prof
Córdova, David(734) 763-6201[email protected]2772 SSWBAssoc Prof
Friedline, Terri L.(734) 764-5547[email protected]3688 SSWBAssoc Prof
Hawkins, Jaclynn M.(734) 615-2817[email protected]4708 SSWBAssoc Prof
Kattari, Shanna K.(734) 763-0074[email protected]4706 SSWBAssoc Prof
Lacombe-Duncan, Ashley(734) 764-7803[email protected]3726 SSWBAssoc Prof
Maguire-Jack, Kathryn L.(734) 764-7805[email protected]2788 SSWBAssoc Prof
Mitchell, Jamie(734) 763-4955[email protected]3847 SSWBAssoc Prof
Ortega, Robert M.(734) 763-6576[email protected]2839 SSWBAssoc Prof
Quinn, Camille R.(734) 764-9717[email protected]3712 SSWBAssoc Prof
Richards-Schuster, Katie E.(734) 615-2118[email protected]3850 SSWBAssoc Prof
Seefeldt, Kristin S.(734) 615-2113[email protected]2726 SSWBAssoc Prof
Weaver, Addie(734) 615-2122[email protected]3788 SSWBAssoc Prof
Xiang, Xiaoling(734) 763-6581[email protected]3735 SSWBAssoc Prof
Cross, Fernanda L.(734) 647-1265[email protected]2743 SSWBAsst Prof
Cureton, Ashley E.(734) 763-6081[email protected]3702 SSWBAsst Prof
Ellis, James M.(734) 615-2913[email protected]3772 SSWBAsst Prof
Ellis, Katrina R.(734) 615-3487[email protected]3849 SSWBAsst Prof
Fedina, Lisa(734) 615-2957[email protected]3833 SSWBAsst Prof
Gonzalez Benson, Odessa(734) 763-6250[email protected]3828 SSWBAsst Prof
Park, Sunggeun(734) 615-2916[email protected]3810 SSWBAsst Prof
Schultz, Katie A.(734) 647-6376[email protected]3710 SSWBAsst Prof
Sokol, Rebeccah(734) 936-4894[email protected]Asst Prof
Zhang, Anao(734) 647-6787[email protected]3704 SSWBAsst Prof
Jester, Jennifer M(734) 232-0263[email protected]Assoc Res Sci
Zullo, Roland W.(734) 615-3854[email protected]4687 SSWBAssoc Res Sci
Meehan, Patrick J.(734) 936-2709[email protected]3692 SSWBAsst Res Sci
Rauk, Leigh(734) 764-7918[email protected]3743 SSWBAsst Res Sci
Eiler, Abigail H.(734) 615-2903[email protected]3728 SSWBClinical Assoc
Hiltz, Barbara S.(734) 763-6582[email protected]2839SSWBClinical Assoc
Hodge, Justin D.(734) 647-8891[email protected]4688 SSWBClinical Assoc
Price, Daicia R.(734) 615-3079[email protected]3834 SSWBClinical Assoc
Savas, Sue Ann(734) 615-3367[email protected]B656 SSWBClinical Assoc
Sherman, Beth A.(734) 763-6276[email protected]3784 SSWBClinical Assoc
Khang, Erin M.(734) 763-6673[email protected]3733 SSWBClinical Asst
Sampson, Monica D.(734) 764-5340[email protected]3733 SSWBClinical Asst
Carter, Rona(734) 647-3887[email protected]2243 EHDry
Chang, Edward C.(734) 647-3876[email protected]Dry
Lampkin-Williams, Ann Y.(313) 593-5435[email protected]Suite 253Dry
Shaefer, H. Luke(734) 936-5065[email protected]2792 SSWBDry
Gutiérrez, Lorraine M.(734) 936-9124[email protected]1271 East HallEmeritus
Ribaudo, Julie M.(734) 936-4949[email protected]2710 SSWBClinical Prof
Videka, Lynn(734) 764-5347[email protected]4668 b-1 SSWB


Allen-Meares, Paula(312) 996-4498[email protected]3752 SSWBEmeritus
Birdsall, William C.[email protected]4668 SSWBEmeritus
Checkoway, Barry N.(734) 763-5960[email protected]3840 SSWBEmeritus
Croxton, Tom A.[email protected]4652 SSWBEmeritus
Danziger, Sandra K.[email protected]4668 SSWBEmeritus
Dunkle, Ruth E.(734) 763-6575[email protected]4668 SSWBEmeritus
Feld, Sheila C.[email protected]4652 SSWBEmeritus
Fellin, Phillip A.[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus
Fischer, Daniel J.(734) 647-2543[email protected]2660D SSWB
Ingersoll-Dayton, Berit[email protected]3841 SSWBEmeritus
Jayaratne, Srinika D.[email protected]Emeritus
Johnson, Harold R.[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus
Kieffer, Edith C.(734) 647-2739[email protected]3770 SSWBEmeritus
Kossoudji, Sherrie A.(734) 763-6320[email protected]2788 SSWBEmeritus
Lein, Laura(734) 615-7379[email protected]4688 SSWBEmeritus
Lewis, Edith A.(734) 763-5971[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus
Lockery, Shirley A.[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus
McDonough, Susan C.[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus
Momper, Sandra L.(734) 763-6578[email protected]2734 SSWBEmeritus
Powell, Thomas J.[email protected]4668C SSWBEmeritus
Reed, Beth Glover(734) 763-5958[email protected]4648 SSWBEmeritus
Root, Lawrence(734) 763-3116[email protected]Emeritus
Ruffolo, Mary C.(734) 936-4799[email protected]4688 SSWBEmeritus
Saunders, Daniel G.[email protected]4668 SSWBEmeritus
Siefert, Kristine A.[email protected]4668 SSWBEmeritus
Tropman, John E.[email protected]4668 SSWBEmeritus
Tucker, David J.[email protected]4652 SSWBEmeritus
Vinokur, Diane Kaplan[email protected]Emeritus
Voshel, Elizabeth H.[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus
Weingarten, Helen[email protected]4640 SSWBEmeritus

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