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Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship

In response to an NSF and NIH request that undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows who are engaged in NSF and NIH-funded research complete eight hours of face-to-face training with faculty on Research Conduct and Research Scholarship (RCRS), the Associate Dean for Research and Research Administration Services provide an RCRS training program to social work students that consists of two components. First, students and postdoc fellows participate in one of several RCRS workshops offered throughout the year. Each workshop is 4-hours long. Second, each student and postdoc fellow will spend 4 additional hours working on a case study tailored to the research activities they are engaged in. Social Work students and postdocs engaged in research activities not funded by NSF or NIH are also encouraged to register for the RCRS training program.

Workshop content will focus on core topics such as:

  • Appropriate citation of sources and avoiding plagiarism
  • Authorship and publication practices and responsibilities
  • Acquisition, management, ownership and sharing of data
  • Research misconduct, including data fabrication and falsification
  • Personal, professional and financial conflicts of interest and commitment
  • Supervisory and mentoring relationships and responsibilities
  • Protection of human research subjects

PEERRS certification is a prerequisite for the workshop, and workshop registration will only be confirmed when PEERRS certifications are current. Satisfactory completion of the workshop and follow-up activities will provide certification for 4 years.

After the official third week count of each term (Fall, Winter & Spring/Summer) Research Administration Services will:

  • Identify and communicate with new staff/students who are required to attend the workshop
  • Identify and communicate with individuals whose certification is scheduled to expire to attend the workshop
  • Reserve appropriate space for the workshop to accommodate the number of required attendees
  • Create a registration link for the workshop
  • Send the registration link via e-mail to all individuals who are required to attend the workshop
  • Validate PEERRS certifications and send registration confirmations
  • Process attendance sheets after the workshop to document didactic requirement completion
  • Process activity sheets from mentors/supervisors to document workshop completion and certification
  • Send certificates of completion to attendees
  • Maintain a database of individuals who require certification, their completion records and certification expiration dates

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