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CASC-MSW Preferred Admissions Program

Students pursuing a Community Action and Social Change (CASC) minor may apply to the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management in the School of Social Work for the Preferred Admission Program leading to a Master of Social Work (MSW) as early as their junior year.

Students who are accepted into the Preferred Admission Program will be granted admission to the MSW program if the following criteria are met:

  1. Enrollment in the Community Action and Social Change minor with intention to complete the minor. Admission for the MSW program will be tentative pending successful completion of the CASC minor requirements.
  2. Successful completion (grade C or better) of these courses/content areas:
    • English composition requirement
    • Liberal arts coursework: minimum of 20 semester hours (anthropology, economics, history, political science, psychology, sociology, etc). Students need to have coursework from three or more disciplines in order to meet the liberal arts requirement.
  3. Submission of a complete MSW program application (including all supporting documents) in line with our Admissions Criteria. CASC-MSW Preferred Admission applicants are subject to a full admission review. Please visit the Apply to MSW Program webpage for deadlines and application details.

Course Opportunities

Students in the Preferred Admission Program are encouraged to elect graduate (500 level) courses in the School of Social Work. If these courses are used for the undergraduate degree and a "B" or better is obtained, these courses may be used as exemptions for the required courses toward the master of social work degree. These exemptions do not reduce the 60 credit hour degree requirement. If these courses are not applied toward an undergraduate degree, they may be transferred to the School of Social Work and counted toward the 60 credit degree requirement. Prior to enrolling in 500 level social work courses, students should meet with a counselor in the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management (1748 SSWB).

During the period of enrollment in the CASC minor, School of Social Work admissions counselors will be available to meet with Preferred Admission Program participants.

Students who have questions about whether they meet these criteria should contact the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management at (734) 936-0961 to schedule a phone or in-person appointment.

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