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  1. School of Social Work Student Government

    The mission of the School of Social Work Student Government is to encourage coordination and integration of the efforts of students and faculty to achieve greater academic excellence, student success, social justice, and equality.

    2024- 25 Officers:

    • President - Hawraa Darwich  
    • Vice President - Gisel Arriaga Barrios
    • Treasurer - Madyn Litten
    • Social Chair - Ethan Getchell
    • Secretary - Savanah E. Rayyan
    • Student Advocate - Uzo Nwauwa

    Student Representatives

    • In-Person Student Representative: Kareem Isaac
    • Online Student Representative: La'Risha Scott
    • Merchandise Student Representative: Mary So
    • Public Relations Representative: Madelyn Mehrer
  2. Asian Pacific Islanders Social Work Coalition

    Asian Pacific Islanders Social Work Coalition (API) is a student run organization serving Asian Pacific Islander interests as social workers. We provide support to our members through social gatherings, educational advocacy, and homework help. Please allow us to fulfill your lives with Asian Pacific Islander culture, and enrich your awareness, so we can bring this community together and fight for our rights as the API community, and well as join forces with other groups as well. Our mission is to promote healthy development of a communication line and network between students of Asian descent and non -Asian descent at the U-M School of Social Work.

  3. Association of Black Social Work Students

    Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for students of Black/African descent on the University of Michigan campus, and empower people of Black/African Descent through advocacy, community service, relationship building, and creating safe spaces for said groups to feel free from cultural persecution and stigma. Like our national chapter, ABSW-UM is guided by the Principles of the Nguzo Saba, which are Unity, Self-determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith, and the Seven Cardinal Virtues of Ma’at, which are Right, Truth, Justice, Order, Reciprocity, Balance, and Harmony. In collaboration with other students groups, community organizations, and the national ABSW chapter, ABSWS will continue to leverage our collective expertise to help Black and African students on campus feel included and empowered, and assist the larger surrounding communities of African Descent in working toward social and cultural progress.

  4. Black Radical Healing Pathways

    Black Radical Healing Pathways (BRHP) strives to create and build spaces centered for Black students to develop and explore radical ideas interested in radical social justice efforts on campus as a coalition. BRHP works to create and build a network where Black students can affirm, heal, and validate each other's lived experience. We aspire to organize, educate, mobilize and empower Black students to work for transformative change on campus, neighborhoods and communities. Our focus is to nourish and cultivate the fighting spirits, critical consciousness and aesthetics of Black students. We aim to hold programming which centers on our Black voices, intelligence, and bodies in efforts to dismantle, disrupt, and challenge white supremacy. Anyone who supports our mission may participate in meetings and activities.

  5. Child Welfare Student Association

    The Child Welfare Student Association (CWSA) is an organization that focuses on the holistic protection of children—that is the protection of children in all areas of their lives. CWSA works to provide members with opportunities to advocate and volunteer with children in the community while also having honest discussions about the experiences of children in the child welfare system. In addition, CWSA attempts to give a multidisciplinary approach to child protection by offering chances to learn about different careers centered on child protection including careers in social work, law, government, and the medical field.

    As self-care is a crucial aspect of this work, CWSA prioritizes the importance of relationships and incorporates social events and activities, which ultimately lead to more successful students and professionals in this field. Members leave the organization with more awareness of critical issues in child protection, stronger relationships and networks, and a cord at graduation to highlight their participation in the organization.

  6. Doctoral Student Organization

    The DSO advocates for the interests of students in the Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science and plans doctoral student/faculty events.  

  7. Latinx Indigenous Social Work Alliance

    The mission of the Latinx Social Work Coalition is to promote the academic and social well-being of the Latinx and Indigenous community at the School of Social Work including Afro-Latinx, as well as the Latinx community at large, through the praxis of social justice, cultural empowerment, and community building.

  8. Mindful Community Club

    Mindful Community Club is a student organization within the U-M School of Social Work that will offer free in person meditation sessions. The e-board hopes to offer leadership opportunities as well, as such meditation training workshops or retreats to attend together. Our opportunities will be open to those new to meditation, in addition to those who are not. It will be a safe, inclusive space to talk about meditation and mindfulness while learning new skills and strategies to advance our practice.

  9. Non-Traditional Student Network

    The mission of the Non-Traditional Student Network is to develop a supportive network for non-traditional students, connect them to resources as well as to help students transition back into the academic realm. These students include those who have resumed their studies after an absence, students with families, those who work full- and part-time and seasoned professional students.

  10. Payment for Placements at the University of Michigan

    Payment for Placements at the University of Michigan is a student lead advocacy organization pursuing fair payment for students with required fieldwork experiences. We believe all labor is deserving of just compensation and work toward making this a reality through organized action.

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