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SSW Student Organizations

There are over 20 student organizations at the SSW. Student organizations will enrich your social, cultural and educational experiences, influence the larger University community and enhance the overall diversity found at U-M.

  1. School of Social Work Student Union »

    The mission of the School of Social Work Student Union is to encourage coordination and integration of the efforts of students and faculty to achieve greater academic excellence, student success, social justice, and equality.

    2018-19 Officers

    President - Michelle Mattison
    Vice President - Yusef Shukar
    Secretary - Hawa Hassan
    Treasurer - Quinci Rockette
    Social Chair -
    Ombudswoman - Yoo Jin Chang
    Student Representative - Violeta Donawa
    Student Representative - Fatima Nasir
    Student Representative - Nate Coderre
    Student Representative - Sharon Almonte
  2. Association of Black Social Work Students »

    ABSWS is designed to help Black social work students move into the arena of Black unity. Our motto is liberation and community. We are here to provide academic and social support and inter-connectivity for Black students in the UM School of Social Work.
    Anyone who supports our mission may participate in meetings and activities.
  3. Black Radical Healing Pathways

    Black Radical Healing Pathways (BRHP) strives to create and build spaces centered for Black students to develop and explore radical ideas interested in radical social justice efforts on campus as a coalition. BRHP works to create and build a network where Black students can affirm, heal, and validate each other's lived experience. We aspire to organize, educate, mobilize and empower Black students to work for transformative change on campus, neighborhoods and communities. Our focus is to nourish and cultivate the fighting spirits, critical consciousness and aesthetics of Black students. We aim to hold programming which centers on our Black voices, intelligence, and bodies in efforts to dismantle, disrupt, and challenge white supremacy. Anyone who supports our mission may participate in meetings and activities.
  4. Child Welfare Student Association »

    The Child Welfare Student Association (CWSA) is a student organization at the School of Social Work that aims to raise awareness of child welfare issues through advocacy, education, community outreach and dialogue. CWSA also strives to promote and strengthen the professional development of all students interested in pursuing a career in child welfare.
  5. Christians in Social Work Association

    The Christians in Social Work Association works to encourage, equip, and extend Christians in the ethical integration of faith and social work practice.
  6. Detroit Initiative Student Group »

    The mission of the Detroit Initiative Student Group is to work in conjunction and collaboration with the Detroit Initiative program. The mission of this program is to provide opportunities for students and faculty to engage in further education, service, and research in the Detroit area through a focus on community-identified priorities.
  7. Doctoral Student Organization »

    The DSO advocates for the interests of students in the Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science and plans doctoral student/faculty events.
  8. Global Social Work Student Association

    Through sponsor/co-sponsor events, activities, and discussions, GSWSA hopes to build genuine, life-long, and cross-cultural friendships at the School of Social work; at the same time, to advocate for social justice in the global society through fostering and enhancing cultural diversity and inclusion.
  9. Interfaith Alliance »

    The mission of Interfaith Alliance (IA) is to create an open and civil forum to discuss spirituality and social work, celebrate the diversity of belief in the field of social work, and to challenge prejudice and misinformation relating to issues of spirituality. We strive to welcome students of all religious beliefs, spiritual paths, and students with no religious or spiritual affiliation into the University of Michigan School of Social Work (UMSSW) and to give them opportunities to form supportive and worthwhile relationships with their peers.
  10. LatinX Social Work Coalition »

    The LatinX Social Work Coalition engages in activism and education around issues of importance to the LatinX community. Anyone who supports our mission may participate in meetings and activities.

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