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Active Projects & Grants Managed in the School of Social Work

  1. Shawna J. Lee
  2. Shawna J. Lee
  3. Fernanda L. Cross

    Ethnic-racial Socialization and Socio-political Stressors of Mixed-Status Latinx Families and their Impact on Adolescent Mental Health

    Cross, Fernanda

  4. Fernanda L. Cross
  5. Fernanda L. Cross
  6. Fernanda L. Cross
  7. Roland W. Zullo
  8. Fernanda L. Cross
  9. Barry N. Checkoway
  10. Lorraine M. Gutiérrez

    Considering the Situation of Young Mothers Involved with the Child Welfare System (Ashley Hajski)

    Gutiérrez, Lorraine (PI)

  11. Lisa FedinaTodd I. Herrenkohl
  12. Lisa FedinaRichard M. TolmanTodd I. Herrenkohl
  13. Lisa Fedina

    Profiles of Poly-Victimization and Suicide Risk Among Emerging Adults

    Fedina, Lisa

  14. Shawna J. Lee
  15. Katie E. Richards-Schuster

    Assessing the Impact of Involving Youth in Research and Evaluation in a School District Setting: A Comprehensive Study of Youth Participatory Evaluation in the Minneapolis Public Schools

    Richards-Schuster, Katie (PI)

  16. Matthew J. Smith
  17. Shawna J. Lee
  18. Jamie MitchellRobert Joseph  Taylor
  19. Jamie Mitchell
  20. Jamie Mitchell
  21. Jamie Mitchell
  22. Jamie Mitchell

    Cancer Center Support Grant 2018-2023

    Fearon, Eric (PI)
    Jamie Mitchell (Co-I)

  23. Lydia W. Li
  24. Lydia W. Li
  25. Joseph P. Ryan

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