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Active Projects & Grants Managed in the School of Social Work

  1. Camille R. Quinn
  2. Mieko Yoshihama
  3. Mieko Yoshihama
  4. William Elliott III
  5. Shawna J. LeeTrina R. ShanksSue Ann Savas
  6. Kathryn L. Maguire-Jack
  7. Addie Weaver
  8. Shawna J. Lee
  9. Jaclynn M. Hawkins
  10. Camille R. Quinn
  11. Ashley Lacombe-Duncan

    Bridging Policy Gaps to Promote Health and Wellbeing Among Kenyan Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, and Trans (LBQT+) Persons/Womxn: A Community-based Participatory Project

    Lacombe-Duncan, Ashley

  12. Addie Weaver
  13. Julie M. Ribaudo
  14. Ashley E. Cureton
  15. Addie Weaver
  16. Beth Glover  Reed
  17. Richard M. Tolman
  18. Matthew J. Smith
  19. Addie WeaverJoseph A. Himle
  20. Matthew J. Smith
  21. Camille R. Quinn
  22. Rogério Meireles Pinto
  23. Greer Hamilton

    Envisioning Clean Air

    Hamilton, Greer

  24. Bradley J. ZebrackAnao Zhang
  25. Terri L. Friedline

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