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  • After High School, What's Next? Exploring Refugee Youths' Perceptions and Preparations around College Choice and Transition (2023, October) Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference, Wayne State University

  • Fedina, L., Tolman, R., Ashwell, A. & Herrenkohl, T. (2023, January). Prevalence and demographic correlates of campus sexual assault victimization: Findings from a national sample. Paper presented at the Society for Social Work and Research 27th Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

  • Salary and student loan debt for oncology social workers: Findings from the Oncology Social Work Competencies, Opportunities, Roles and Expertise (CORE) survey, 27th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, Phoenix, AZ, January, 2023.

  • Hong, S., Hardi, F., Benson, D., Maguire-Jack, K. (2023) Child and Adolescent Social Skills: Examining the Role of Mothers’ Ethnoracial Identity Attachment and Birthplace. Poster presentation at the Society for Research in Child Development, Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Ethical Considerations in Providing Social Work Services to LGBTQ+ Youth: Making Informed Choices, NASW Michigan Chapter

  • Welcome to the Great Lakes and Automotive State (Michigan): Exploring how Refugee Resettlement Workers and Agencies Supported Afghan Parolees in Michigan. Oral presentation at the Refugee Resettlement Symposium, Switchboard and Arizona State University, Phoenix, AR

  • Ortega, R.M. (w/ Mary Ortega). Silence Has Words: What Abused Children (and Their Caretakers) Tell Us When They Say Nothing. What Cultural Humility Teaches Us About Protecting Children Beau Biden First Annual National Conference to Protect Children. National Harbor, Fort Washington, MD.

  • Ellis, K.R. (2023). Subject matter expert panel member for July 2023 American Cancer Society Health Equity & Caregiving Series: Medical mistrust (part 1) – historical examples and its relation to health equity.

  • Maguire-Jack, K. (April 2023). Innovative child maltreatment prevention strategies. Symposium presented at ResilienceCon, April 16-18, 2022.

  • Gilbert, T. (2023, June) Divert and Decriminalize: Empowering Judges for Change. Developing a Risk, Needs, Responsivity Approach to Juvenile Justice, Michigan Probate Judges Association.

  • After High School, What’s Next? Exploring Refugee Youths’ Perceptions and Preparations around College Choice and Transition. Oral presentation at the Possibility Summit 2023, Global Possibility Network, University of Pennsylvania (Virtual).

  • Ellis, K.R. (2023). Subject matter expert panel member for August 2023 American Cancer Society Health Equity & Caregiving Series: Medical mistrust (part 2) – how to address it in your health system.

  • Annual Gender Identity Seminar: Gender Affirming Care for Trans Youth and their Families, Michigan State University, April 2023

  • Migration and Societal Change, Utrecht, Netherlands, June 2023 Gonzalez Benson, O., Sigurdson, E. & Henry, G. Institutional materiality of grassroots migrant/refugee-led organizations and integration practices.

  • Ivanich, J. D. & Schultz, K. (2023). A social network study with American Indian youth on a Northern Plains reservation: Substance use, suicide risk, and exposure to violence. Presentation. Sunbelt 2023 – International Network for Social Network Analysis, Portland, OR.

  • Gilbert, T. (2023, March) Girls in the Justice System: Who are they and how do we best serve them? State Appellate Defender's Office.

  • Calhoun, K., Burns, T., Smith, A., Ehrlich, E., Gultekin, L., Asabigi, K., Hijazi, M., Buckhoy, N., Rowe, Z., Neff, M., Vaughter, D., Voepel-Lewis, T., Piechowski, T., Jazdzyk, D., Braddix, L., Cordova, D., The Detroit Area Mental Health Leadership Team. (2023, April). A community-academic partnership to prevent and reduce substance use disorders in metropolitan Detroit during COVID-19. Paper presented at the 6th International Conference on Nursing Science & Practice. San Francisco, CA.

  • Chen, Z. Fedina, L., DeVylder, J., Lemieux, C., & King, C. (2023, January). Financial hardships and mental health crises: An examination of young adults’ COVID-19 pandemic experiences. Poster presented at the Society for Social Work and Research 27th Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

  • Lacombe-Duncan, A., Persad, Y., Shokoohi, M., Underhill, A., Machouf, N., Côté, P., Wheatley, M., Gupta, M., Kyne, L.T., Besharati, A.A., Chan, L.Y.L, Hranilovi, S., Nguyen, Q., & Loutfy, M. (2023, February). HIV prevalence and associated factors among a clinical cohort of transgender women in Canada: Bridging gaps in knowledge for priority populations. Accepted for poster presentation at the International Workshop on HIV and Women 2023, Seattle, WA.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for cancer patients reported outcomes: A systematic review and metaanalysis. Oral Presentation at the 2023 Association of Oncology Social Work Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

  • England, K. (2023) Facilitating Inner Adventures: Safety & Ethical Considerations for Navigating Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, Adventure Therapy Best Practices Conference

  • Mattison, D. & Irish, K. (2023). Forgiveness: Exploring its power and complexities. Association of Oncology Social Workers Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

  • Torres, C., Riggs, J., Ribaudo, J., & Walsh, T. (2023). Improving IMH-HV training to strengthen cultural responsiveness and increase equity [Virtual presentation]. Early Start National Home Visiting Summit.

  • Pinto, R. M. & Conrad-Cohen, S. Social Work Science and Complex Problems: Battling Inequities + Building Solutions. Special Session on Research Priorities and Capacity Building Title: Using Artbased Research in Social Work Science. Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Professionalizing Grandma: Ambiguous Roles in the Indirect Welfare State, Moving the Field Forward: Understanding Latinx Populations in Communities with Low-Income. May, 2023.


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