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Research Fellows

  1. Marc Arthur Marc Arthur »

    Marc Arthur holds a PhD and MA in Performance Studies from New York University. He studies the role of directing, devised theatre, dramatic writing and performance in achieving diversity, equity and inclusion in education and social work practice. In particular, Dr. Arthur's research focuses on ...

  2. Shannon M. Blajeski Shannon M. Blajeski »

    Blajeski is a mixed-methods mental health intervention researcher, with a specialization in qualitative and community-based approaches. Her broad scholarly area is focused on adapting mental health interventions to be more responsive to points of prevention for negative social outcomes such as ...

  3. Angela R. Fernandez Angela R. Fernandez »

    Born and raised in the Menominee Nation of Wisconsin, Dr. Fernandez has built her research agenda on nearly two decades of combined national and international social work, and public health practice and service with Indigenous, Latinx and other minoritized communities in inpatient and outpatient ...

  4. Lloyd M. Talley Lloyd M. Talley »

    Lloyd Talley is a mixed-methods developmental psychologist and interdisciplinary social policy researcher. He focuses on the intersections of social and life course identity development as a lens for meaning-making and in the prediction of educational, behavioral, and mental health outcomes. He ...

  5. Miyoung Yoon »

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