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Discover Social Work

Discover Social Work

If you are looking for a career with meaning, action and diversity in a variety of settings, consider social work. Social workers improve the quality of life for individuals and effect system-wide change through the pursuit of social justice.

What is Privilege, Oppression, Diversity and Social Justice?

This acronym of P.O.D.S. and the concepts of privilege, oppression, diversity and social justice, provide us with a framework for keeping justice at the center of our work. P.O.D.S. helps us in developing a vision for justice and it recognizes and reduces mechanisms that support oppression and injustice. A focus on P.O.D.S. can also help us identify theories and policies that promote social justice and eliminate injustice.

Social Work: Meeting the Challenges of a New Era

Who are Social Workers?

Social workers help individuals, groups, and communities work together and solve problems. Social work is a rewarding and fulfilling career in a growing field. Social workers are in demand: the field projects an 11% growth rate in the next ten years.

Social Workers are:

  • Mental Health Therapists

  • Family Counselors

  • Substance Abuse Therapists

  • School Social Workers

  • Child Advocates

  • Health Educators

  • Hospice Workers

  • Human Rights Advocates

  • Community Organizers

  • Policy Analysts

  • Program Managers

  • Executive Directors

  • Researchers

  • Political Advocates

  • Grant Writers

  • Development Professionals

  • Program Evaluators

  • Athletic Directors

  • Business Owners

  • Nonprofit Executives

  • Criminal Justice Advocates

Where are Social Workers?

Social workers are everywhere that people and communities can be served.

  • Hospitals and Medical Clinics

  • Social Service Agencies

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Organizations

  • Mental Health Private Practices

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Unions

  • Juvenile Justice & Correctional Facilities

  • Local, State and National Government

  • Senior Centers

  • Military

  • Professional Sport Organizations

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools

  • Community Development Corporations

  • Hospice Agencies

  • Corporations

  • Shelters and Housing Organizations

  • Grassroots Community Organizations

Is Social Work Right for Me?

You are a problem solver

Social workers bring multiple talents to finding solutions, serving as a clinicians, researchers, advocates and strategists. You work collaboratively to craft solutions to meet individual and community needs.

You are empathetic

You will work with people who are in crisis and emotional distress. You will create a caring, understanding and empowering environment for them.

You thrive on challenges

Social workers find the answers and get it done. No day is routine.

You want to make a difference in the world

Social workers make a daily impact on individuals and communities and serve a fulfilling and valuable role. Social workers use research, advocacy and leadership skills to answer society’s most pressing problems.

You care deeply about social justice

Social workers aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They look for justice and equality for all people. Social workers view problems through the human perspective. 

You see the big picture

Social workers are systemic thinkers who know how to collaborate with individuals and communities to create positive change.

You relate to people

Social workers leverage their people skills to listen, learn and understand the needs of individuals and groups. Social workers view problems through the human perspective. Social workers are called to create changes in society that improve the lives of all people.

Why choose U-M?

You want to attend the top school of social work

Consistently rated as the #1 school of social work in the country. U-M is one of the nation’s top-ranked public research universities.

You want a social work school with plenty of curriculum options

The School of Social Work offers a wealth of curriculum options, allowing students to tailor their course of study to their interests and passions.

You want to be a Wolverine

The University of Michigan offers the resources of a public university and Big 10 school and is renowned for its culture of excellence and loyal alumni networks.

You want professors who inspire you

Faculty at the School of Social Work are dynamic and approachable scholars. They are leading experts in their area of study. Their research makes lives better.

You want to develop connections that will last a lifetime

At the School of Social Work, your student colleagues are encouraging and supportive. Your cohort will be filled with a diverse group of students from a wide variety of backgrounds who share intellectual rigor and passion. Important professional networks are built while students pursue their MSW degree.

You want to live in a classic college town

Ann Arbor - where the streets are brimming with an amazing array of restaurants, cafes, galleries and boutiques. Plus arts and entertainment and 200+ parks to explore.

You want to learn in a diverse environment

Our students, faculty, and staff have diverse identities, interests and experiences. This enriches the learning environment and prepares graduates to effectively serve individuals and communities across the country and around the world.

You want to learn in a supportive environment

Students are well supported while pursuing their degree. Students can access services related to academics, financial aid, mental health and wellness, services for students with disabilities, career services, writing assistance and support for veterans.

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