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MSW Program Financial Aid

U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States applying for admission to the MSW degree program can apply to two basic sources within the University for financial assistance, as well as to private scholarships:

International students may apply for departmental scholarships which are not need-based and are eligible to apply to the School's special programs. For additional financial aid information visit the School of Social Work International Student Financial Aid page.

Financial aid is not awarded from the above sources until admission to the School has been granted. Completion of either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the renewal FAFSA is required for application to the above sources for need-based financial assistance. The FAFSA is available in October for the following academic year. Students should complete the FAFSA or renewal FAFSA as soon as possible. Failure to meet this deadline could limit loan and/or work-study eligibility. The School of Social Work also requires completion of the School of Social Work financial aid application. See Financial Aid Application Procedures for New MSW Students for complete instructions. Students who anticipate they will need financial assistance should apply to both sources above as well as seek out additional scholarship and loan information through outside resources, including resources listed on the School of Social Work web page and those found through local libraries, foundations, private organizations, and home state programs. Students will receive separate financial aid award eligibility notifications from the School of Social Work and the University's Office of Financial Aid.

For more information regarding student financial aid please see Financial Aid Information for MSW Students.


Early application for financial aid is strongly encouraged. Applicants to the MSW degree program are encouraged to submit the School of Social Work financial aid application at the same time they submit their admissions application materials. However, financial aid applications may be submitted at any time during the admissions process. Later submission of financial aid forms may result in the awarding of less grant or scholarship aid.

The financial aid application page will be added to the online MSW application upon answering "Yes" to the Getting Started question of "Are you applying for financial aid?"

MSW Application »

Applicants that have already submitted their MSW application may click below for a copy of the School of Social Work financial aid application. Please do not submit more than one financial aid application.

Students granted deferred admission must submit a new financial aid application by October 15 of the year prior to enrollment. (If planning to begin the MSW program in fall 2024, a new financial aid application must be submitted by October 15, 2023.)

School of Social Work Financial Aid Application »

Notification of most grant and scholarship awards will generally occur after admission notification but prior to an enrollment deposit deadline provided all financial aid materials have been received.

Incoming student scholarship and grant awards are made for all terms of expected enrollment depending on applicant choice of curriculum schedule. Federal awards (loans and work-study) are awarded per academic year based upon completion/renewal of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Financial aid funding from University and School of Social Work sources is generally limited to a maximum of four terms for students enrolled in the full-time 60-credit MSW program, three terms for students in the full-time 45-credit MSW program and dual degree students, and seven or nine terms for students in the part-time MSW program (depending on number of terms of expected enrollment). Current and future awards may be adjusted based on a review of additional relevant information. Students who fail to maintain good academic standing may be ineligible for future financial aid until their probationary status is removed.

School of Social Work Re-Review

Mission Re-Review

Most MSW program aid at the University of Michigan is provided to students with need and a strong commitment to working with or on behalf of socially and/or economically disadvantaged people and communities and a commitment to furthering social justice. If you would like to be considered for additional aid from the University of Michigan-School of Social Work, please contact our office a [email protected].

Emergency Grant Aid Re-Review

Emergency aid funding may be available for students who have been denied a Direct Graduate Plus Loan OR have need for emergency aid and an inability to access Direct Loans or private loans OR incurred unexpected expenses or significant loss of income. If you would like to be considered for emergency aid, please contact our office at [email protected].

Financial Planning

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has developed GradSense, a unique online education platform that provides students with financial information about a range of topics including the value of pursuing an advanced degree, paying for your education, estimating cost of living, and preparing a budget for your time in graduate school. Through interactive visualization tools and engaging infographics, students are invited to better understand a variety of issues related to borrowing and spending, potential future earnings, and money management.

U-M Payment Plan

See Student Financial Services for information about your U-M account, eBill, installment payment plans, and FAQs related to payment and student accounts.

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