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CAPS is a free, confidential resource. Watch this short video to learn more.

Counseling and Psychological Services Embedded Therapist

Jamie Boschee

Jamie Boschee, LMSW is the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) embedded therapist in the School of Social Work. Jamie provides therapy services and workshops exclusively for students enrolled in the School of Social Work. In her role, Jamie helps students manage a variety of concerns, ranging from anxiety to relationships, and to connect with both on and off-campus resources. Jamie’s goal is to create a safe and trusting space for students to express their concerns and learn the skills needed to cope.

CAPS recognizes that it can be scary to reach out for support, especially if one is unclear about what might or might not be shared with others in the school. Clinical information is confidential in most circumstances, and CAPS therapists do not share that you have reached out with anyone in the School of Social Work.

School of Social Work students are not limited to working with Jamie. Any student can meet with a CAPS counselor from the central office for any reason including identity preference, expertise or approach.

Steps for students to connect with Jamie:

  1. Email [email protected] to request an intake appointment.
  2. Jamie will gather the student’s demographic information via a secure database and schedule the Initial Consultation (IC) appointment. Prior to the IC, the student will complete additional paperwork through the secure database detailing their concerns, information about their social support system, symptoms they’re experiencing, etc. This helps focus the 30-minute IC on the student’s current concerns and helps Jamie develop an appropriate treatment plan.
  3. A 30-minute intake appointment will be scheduled, during which the student will share additional information about presenting concern(s), and counselor and student will collaborate on a plan for next steps.

Students can also receive individual, relationship and group counseling through CAPS Central Campus Office, as well as urgent and after-hours services.

Regardless of a U-M student’s enrollment status or physical location, CAPS urgent/crisis services are available by calling 734-764-8312.

Jamie can also help students connect with therapists in their local community who accept the student’s insurance for long-term therapy.

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