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Social Justice

What Does Social Work Look Like?

Johanna Ancheta, Kara Crutcher, Schuyler Hillard, Miranda Kharsa, Jennifer Piemonte
SSWB East end of McGregor

The Right View

Sam Gilliam
American, b. 1933
SSWB Lower Level Atrium

Doctors of the World

Robert Rauschenberg
American, 1925–2008
SSWB 2692

Family Portrait, Estabania, Dominican Republic

Lewis Tobey
American, b. 1961
SSWB 2733

UBU Tells the Truth

William Kentridge
South Africa, b. 1955
SSWB 2734

Adrienne and Stéphane

Laura Letinsky
Canadian, b. 1962
SSWB 2766

Peru 210 & Yuchitan, Mexico

Aaron Siskind
American, 1903-1991
SSWB 2810


Ruth Weisberg
American, b. 1940
SSWB 2823

…and acquainted with grief

Joan Snyder
American, b. 1940
SSWB 3841

L.A. Uncovered #8

Robert Rauschenberg
American, 1925–2008
SSWB 3832

Southside Backyard

Art Shay
American, b. 1922
SSWB 3798

Women Working: Loom

Hung Liu
American, b. China 1948
SSWB 3760

Mom and Kids Need Help

Josh Greene
American, b. 1971
SSWB 3743

Gypsy Players: Maxwell Street

Nathan Lerner
American, 1913–1997
SSWB 3735

Silence = Death

Keith Haring
American, 1958-1990
SSWB 3733

“La Benedición”

Flor Gardûno
Mexican, b. 1957
SSWB 3692

Red Poem Suit

Leslie Dill
American, b. 1950
SSWB 3688

Indian Heart

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
American, b. 1940
SSWB 3680


Ross Bleckner
American, b. 1949
SSWB 4735

El Regresso del Canibal Macrobiotico

Enrique Chagoya
American, b. Mexico, 1953
SSWB 4684 (Warner Room)


Bill Barrett
American, b. 1934
SSWB North West corner on path from South University

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