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Student Services FAQ

  1. Are career services available to students and alumni of the School of Social Work?

    Yes. The School of Social Work offers career services to both current students and alumni of the MSW program. The Director of Career Services, Michelle Woods offers workshops on job searching, resume writing, interviewing, and licensure preparation each semester. The Press enter to read full text...

  2. Are F-1 or J-1 students eligible to work while enrolled in the MSW Program?

    Yes, F-1 and J-1 students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week on-campus while enrolled at the School. Visit the UM International Center webpage for detailed information.

  3. Are international or out-of-state field placements possible?

    Yes, international or out-of-state field placements are possible, but require some extra planning. The School offers special programs such as the Global Activities Scholars Program, Jewish Communal Leadership Program, National Community Scholars Program, and Masters Press enter to read full text...

  4. Are International students eligible to apply for financial aid?

    International MSW applicants may apply for scholarship (merit) aid from the School of Social Work. International students also may be interested in applying to a special program (Child Welfare Scholarship Program, Community-Based Initiative in Detroit, Geriatric Press enter to read full text...

  5. Are interviews a part of the admissions process for the MSW program?

    The School of Social Work interviews many applicants to the MSW program each year who either request an interview themselves or are requested to interview by the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management. Not all applicants will have an interview as part of their admission process.

    For more information, visit the MSW Admission Interview Information page.

  6. Are jobs available on the college campus?

    Yes, positions are listed at the U-M Student Employment Office website. You should also fill out the SSW Student Employment Application Form to be placed in a candidate pool for employment in the School of Social Work at.

  7. Can I change a recommender if I have already submitted my application?

    To change an online recommender, go to the Online Application Menu, Manage Your Account – Review Your Activity. You will see a University of Michigan School of Social Work link; when you click on it, you should be able to see each of the recommenders in which you Press enter to read full text...

  8. Can I change my pathway of interest after I have submitted the MSW application?

    Yes, you may request a change to your pathway of interest. Please complete and submit the pathway change request form.

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