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Masters International Volunteer Program

Grad School or Peace Corps... Why Not Do Both?

Formerly, the University of Michigan School of Social Work (SSW) in conjunction with Peace Corps offered the Master's International (MI) program until the program was retired in 2016. Despite Peace Corps' retirement of the MI program, the SSW is continuing to offer students interested in international service the option to incorporate Peace Corps service into their On Campus MSW program. On Campus MSW applicants must apply to the U-M School of Social Work first and upon acceptance can apply to the Peace Corps. Masters International Volunteer Program students are not guaranteed acceptance into Peace Corps.

MSW students pursuing the Masters International Volunteer Program must select the Global Social Work Practice pathway as either their primary or secondary pathway. Please note, students interested in pursuing clinical licensure after graduation in the U.S.A. are strongly encouraged to select the 1) Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse pathway, 2)Welfare of Children & Families pathway, or 3) Social Work Practice with Older Adults and Families from a Lifespan Perspective pathway as their primary pathway and the Global Social Work Practice pathway as their secondary pathway.

Masters International Volunteer Program students serve in countries all around the world and may choose to serve in any of the Peace Corps sectors that best fit their interests. Peace Corps Volunteer Openings are updated quarterly.

The Masters International Volunteer Program will further enhance learning and skills by giving students an option to complete 27 months of significant international experience while completing their MSW degree.

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