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  1. M. Antonio G. Alvarez M. Antonio G. Alvarez »

    LEO Lecturer II Tony Alvarez serves as the School's point person for the use of experiential, adventure and wilderness approaches to social work practice. Professor Alvarez's research focuses on the design of effective experiential & adventure-based programs for social workers in multiple

  2. Hillary M. Baldwin-Steller »

    Hillary Baldwin Steller, MSW ’10, has specific training with trauma survivors and clients with PTSD. Her approach is holistic, experiential and strength based in nature. Currently she is a clinician in southeastern Michigan and works with children, families and adults of marginalized

  3. Asmaa Boulehia »

    Asmaa Boulehia, MSW'10, focuses on individual, group and family practice with severely mentally ill and emotionally disturbed populations in a community mental health setting. In addition to being a clinical therapist, Boulehia supervises a Home Based Program that provides intensive behavioral

  4. Joseph Cafferty »

    Joe Cafferty, MSW’13, is a clinical social worker with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Ann Arbor Healthcare System. Cafferty currently works in the Mental Health Clinic at the Toledo Community-Based Outpatient Clinics providing various evidence-based mental health treatment services, in

  5. Jorge A. Casarez Jorge A. Casarez »

    Jorge A. Casarez, MSW, practices a philosophical framework that regards each person as intelligent and competent, regardless of any identifying factors. His approach to problem solving emphasizes collaboration and has a genuine spirit of curiosity balanced with the urgency for practical

  6. Adisa N. Chaney Adisa N. Chaney »

  7. Roxanne J. Chang Roxanne J. Chang »

    ROXANNE J. CHANG, JD, MS LLP, is an attorney specializing in elder and special needs law. She is also a Limited Licensed Psychologist, with a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. Ms. Chang has experience in consultation and advocacy for persons with dementia, developmental disabilities, and

  8. Ellen Y. Chute Ellen Y. Chute »

    Ellen Yashinsky Chute is the Chief Community Outreach Officer at Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit. In her role, Ellen is the Director of JCADA, the Jewish Coalition against Domestic Abuse, the creator of Parent's Place, an online parenting forum, and director of the JFS Cancer

  9. G. Warren Clark G. Warren Clark »

    G. Warren Clark has been with the School of Social Work since 1997, when he joined the Office of Field Instruction as a field educator/lecturer/field liaison. He has worked with students in all methods and in the practice areas of health, aging, and community and social systems. He has been a

  10. Diana G. Copeland »

    Diana Copeland has an extensive background in environmental justice advocacy, environmental project management and community organizing. Copeland creates coalitions between environmental organizations, community and environmental justice groups to benefit environmental justice and health

  11. Keta J. Cowan »

  12. Colleen E. Crane Colleen E. Crane »

    Colleen E. (Kenna) Crane, MSW'01, has focused her primary practice interests in sexuality, gender identity, trauma and women's issues. Crane spent more than two years working in Detroit as the senior clinician for the Teen Age Parenting Program (TAPP) at The Children's Center, where she worked

  13. Julie D. Cushman »

    Julie Cushman is currently a clinical director at Home of New Vision. She also has a private practice doing consulting and program evaluation for community services and agencies.

  14. Lauren M. Davis Lauren M. Davis »

    Lauren Davis, MSW ‘07 has been working with the School of Social Work since 2008. She is currently the Program Manager for the School of Social Work’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which is responsible for the implementation of the School's DE&I strategic plan. She also is a field

  15. Sean J. de Four Sean J. de Four »

    Sean de Four, MSW'01, focuses on administration and management of human services for youth, families and vulnerable populations. De Four currently serves as the Vice President of Child and Family Services for Michigan's fourth largest non-profit human service agency, Lutheran Social Services of

  16. Mary Catherine (Mary Kate) Dennis »

  17. Daniel T. DeSena »

  18. Bonnie C. Dockham Bonnie C. Dockham »

    Bonnie Dockham, MSW '02 is a licensed medical social worker in out-patient, inpatient and community settings. Dockham is the founding program director of the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor and currently the executive director. Her work focuses on community-academic partnerships

  19. Leslie J. Dubin Leslie J. Dubin »

    Leslie Dubin, MSW'97, focuses on individual and family practice working with older adults. Special interests include assisting persons with navigating the health care system and maximizing independence and dignity throughout the aging process. Dubin is currently a part of the Geriatric

  20. Michelle L. Duprey Michelle L. Duprey »

    Michelle Duprey is currently the Integrated Health Care Director at Starfish Family Services. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Social Work and has over 20 years experience in child and family therapy, management, organizational design and clinical and corporate

  21. Abigail H. Eiler »

    Abigail Eiler, MSW ' 06, is a clinical social worker in the Department of Family Medicine’s Ambulatory Care Unit at the University of Michigan Health System and a field instructor for MSW interns from University of Michigan School of Social Work. She also works as a medical social worker for

  22. Rebecca Espitia »

    Rebecca Espitia, MSW '10, Espitia specializes in early childhood education with an emphasis in evaluating for developmental delays, and helping to implement interventions for children. She also specializes in infant mental health work and childhood disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  23. Janice I. Firn Janice I. Firn »

    Janice Firn, PhD, MSW ' 04, is a clinical ethicist with the Program for Clinical Ethics, a collaborative effort between the Center for Bioethics in Social Sciences and Medicine (CBSSM) and the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS). As a clinical ethicist she responds to ethics consultation

  24. Emily K. Fitzgerald Emily K. Fitzgerald »

    Emily Fitzgerald, MSW '06, focuses her work on individual and group practice with children and adolescents, primarily within the school setting.  As a school social worker and clinical supervisor, she has provided therapeutic services to support youth and families with a wide array of mental

  25. Sallie M. Foley Sallie M. Foley »

    Sallie Foley, LMSW, is an AASECT certified sex therapist, sex educator, and sex therapy supervisor. She is the former director of the Center for Sexual Health at University of Michigan Health Systems and has a private practice in psychotherapy and consultation in Ann Arbor. She is the director

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