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These courses may have been taken by previous Social Work students or may have been identified as of possible interest to Social Work students. Some courses may be restricted and/or not open to Social Work students. There are many other courses not listed offered elsewhere in the university that may be of interest. Interest in courses numbered below 500 should be checked for graduate level status since many are only offered for undergraduate credit. You can check this by contacting the department offering the course or contacting the SSW Registrar.

The information may not be up to date or complete. Please seek additional information from the department where the course is offered and from the instructors of the course. We strongly recommend you discuss your plans to take outside courses with your advisor to make sure they are a good fit for your educational program.

Organization And Management Of Healthcare Systems HMP 603

School: Health Management & Policy
Prerequisites: HMP Masters Standing or Perm Instr
Course Description: Focuses on servant and transformational leadership from the perspective of buyers, insurers, policy makers and leaders of nonprofit health organizations to understand how to deliver high quality, cost effective health care and reach and implement decisions about future activities and the best managerial practices for non-profit advocacy and community-based organizations.


SectionInstructorDaysLocationU-M Class #
777Wolk, Seth William- 64121
555Rubyan, Michael AaronWed 64801

Introduction to Public Health Policy HMP 615

School: Health Management & Policy
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor
Course Description: Describes the nature of public policy interventions within the various domains of public health, the theoretical motivations for undertaking them, the influence of the political, bureaucratic, and social environmental in which policy decisions are made, the consequences of such decisions, and the key dimensions of analysis of the effects of public health policies. In addition to conceptual discussion of each of the above, the course includes evaluation of several case studies of public health policy decisions and their implications.


SectionInstructorDaysLocationU-M Class #
777Jacobson, Peter D- 63584

Advanced Health Assessment for Advanced Practice Nurses NURS 503

School: Nursing
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
Course Description: This course focuses on the advanced comprehensive assessment of individuals within a developmental life span perspective. The interactions of developmental, biopsychosocial, and socio-cultural contexts resulting in health effects for individuals provide the structure of the course. The course builds on the students' knowledge and skills of basic physical assessment and provides a foundation for the advanced practice nurse to evaluate the health of individuals across the life span. Students are grounded in the theoretical perspectives, empirical documentation, and practice skills necessary for advanced communication (i.e., clinical interviewing, focused history taking), biopsychosocial and physical assessment, critical diagnostic reasoning, and clinical decision-making. Students acquire the requisite advanced knowledge and skills within a case-based, problem focused learning framework that integrates theoretical, empirical, and experience-based practical knowledge.


SectionInstructorDaysLocationU-M Class #
001Jones, Heather Marie-REMOTE64432
002Jones, Heather Marie- 64433
003Jones, Heather Marie- 64434
004Jones, Heather Marie- 64851

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