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International Student Financial Aid

International MSW applicants may apply for scholarship (merit) aid from the School of Social Work, which can be utilized toward certifying that adequate funds are available*. For most scholarships, submission of the Financial Aid Application for Grant/Scholarships from School of Social Work Resources is sufficient.

International students also may be interested in applying for our Child Welfare Scholarship Program (CWS), Community-Based Initiative (CBI), Global Activities Scholars Program, Geriatric Scholarship Program (GS), Jewish Communal Leadership Program (JCLP), National Community Scholars Program (NCS), and/or New Leaders in African-Centered Social Work (NLACSW) - all of which require a separate application and have specific deadlines. Please see Financial Aid section for more information.

Some MSW student scholarships requiring a separate application will be announced during the Fall 2017 Term. Feel free to review School of Social Work for departmental grants and scholarships.

International students are not eligible for Michigan Scholarships and Opportunity Grants which are need-based awards.

* Please note that most merit scholarships cover only partial tuition amounts. All international MSW applicants need to submit an Affidavit of Financial Support with documentation showing the amount of funds available. If documentation does not show the entire required amount is available, a written explanation of how/when the entire amount will be available must be included.

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