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U-M Sociology and Social Work

The U-M School of Social Work and Sociology have partnered to create an opportunity for U-M undergraduate sociology students to enter the MSW program.

Why Sociology and Social Work?

How to Apply?

Interested students must be current undergraduate students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor who will declare Sociology as a major and select the Sociology & Social Work subplan.

  1. Declare Sociology major and select the Social Work subplan.
  2. Complete Sociology & Social Work subplan requirements as a U-M undergraduate. Note: no subplan courses have to be completed at the time of application.
  3. Apply for admission to the MSW program during your Junior year. Application deadline: March 1 / Priority Application deadline: February 1
    • U-M Sociology & Social Work applicants must upload verification to their MSW application that they are eligible for the curriculum schedule. Email the verification form to the office below, requesting that an advisor complete the form and return it to you. The completed form then must be uploaded to your MSW application.

  4. Once admitted, you will take four MSW classes in addition to finishing the sociology subplan during your senior year.

Options for completing your MSW at U-M School of Social Work

Sample Timeline


Year 1-2 Year 3, Fall Year 3, Winter Year 4, Fall Year 4, Winter
Sociology Requirements Declare Sociology & Social Work Subplan Sociology Requirements MSW Requirements MSW Requirements
  Sociology Requirements Sociology Electives    

Graduate MSW

Fall Winter Spring/Summer
MSW Courses & Field Placement MSW Courses & Field Placement MSW Courses & Field Placement

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