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Katie E. Richards-Schuster

Director of Undergraduate Minor Programs and Assistant Professor of Social Work

Katie Richards-Schuster's research focuses on understanding the strategies and approaches for engaging young people in communities, the contexts and environments that facilitate youth engagement across settings, and the impact of youth participation in creating community change. She is a leading scholar in using participatory research and evaluation approaches with young people and communities.

Her current projects involve a metropolitan youth-led assessment of social justice, a study of strategies for youth participation in educational justice, an assessment of critical youth media as a tool for social work and an exploratory study on the development of youth advisory committees in a variety of institutional and governmental settings.

Research Interests/Focus

Youth participation, youth engagement, community organizing, critical youth media, educational justice, social justice education and post-undergraduate social change work

Curriculum Vitae


Year Degree   School
2005 PhD Social Work and Sociology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1997 MA Social Service Administration University of Chicago, Illinois
1994 BA Political Science University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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