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Declarations and Course Requirements

Thanks for your interest in the CASC minor. In order to declare the minor, please complete the following steps:

  1. Attend an info session to find out more about the minor.
  2. Complete this online declaration form.
  3. Meet with an academic advisor. Make an appointment online or email [email protected].
  4. Drop in hours will be held every Wednesday from 1 - 4pm in CASC office room 3640 for inquires about declarations.

Please note, SW 305 is not a pre-requisite to the CASC minor. You may begin taking any of the cluster area courses before taking SW 305 and before declaring the minor.

CASC Minor Info Sessions

Prospective students are welcome to join CASC info sessions for general information about the minor, to learn more about academic requirements, the process to declare, and the MSW preferred admissions program. Sessions will be hosted once a month in the School of Social Work. Visit the CASC events calendar for more information about the date, time, and location. Email [email protected] for additional inquires.

The 16 credit Community Action and Social Change minor requirements include:

Foundation Course:

SW 305: Theories and Practices for Community Action and Social Change (3 credits, SS distribution credit for UM students enrolled prior to winter 2020)

This foundation course is designed to prepare students to be informed and active participants in the process of community building and social change. The course uses a multidisciplinary framework to develop competencies that will help students envision what community action and social change look like, identify and implement steps towards social change, build on positive sources of power, indigenous knowledge and experiences of individuals, groups, and communities who are engaged in social change efforts.

CASC Elective Clusters:

(12 credits, minimum of 3 credits in each cluster)

  • Context Cluster: These electives provide students with a range of context, theories and multidisciplinary perspectives to support understanding of various community action and social change efforts
  • Diversity Learning Cluster: These electives provide students with skills and learning opportunities to facilitate diversity learning to support community action and social change efforts
  • Action Service Learning Cluster: These electives provide students with opportunities to engage in service learning opportunities to promote community action and social change initiatives
  • Additional 3 credits: An additional 3 credits chosen from any cluster is also required to complete the minor

Note: Class substitutions may be made upon advisor approval.

SW 401: Capstone Course

Upon completion of core course and electives, students will enroll in a one-credit capstone course to develop an integrative learning project, in consultation with social work faculty advisors or other faculty steering committee members.

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