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  1. H. Luke  Shaefer
    Luke Shaefer Discusses the Pandemic’s Dramatic Shift in Federal Child Spending in the New York Times

    Professor Luke Shaefer was quoted in a New York Times article describing the short-term surge in federal per child spending during the pandemic. “In my career, I’ve never seen anything so dramatic as the shift in resources to families with kids during the pandemic,” said Shaefer “Now we have much more evidence that these types of provisions can really work, and almost all of it is going away.”

  2. Ayesha Ghazi Edwin
    Progressive Values Shape Ayesha Ghazi Edwin’s Family Story

    “Ann Arbor and the university welcomed us with open arms, and we fell in love with this diverse, inclusive community.” Lecturer and ENGAGE: DETROIT Program Manager Ayesha Ghazi Edwin’s family history is chronicled in a story on U-M’s Center for South Asian Studies website. The story describes how the progressive values of their grandparents have shaped Ghazi Edwin, who is also an Ann Arbor Council member, and her sister, Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, who is Michigan’s Chief Medical Executive.

  3. Rebeccah Sokol
    Rebeccah Sokol Part of Inaugural Cohort at U-M Institute of Firearm Injury Prevention

    Assistant Professor Rebeccah Sokol is part of the inaugural cohort of six new faculty members hired for U-M Institute of Firearm Injury Prevention to advance knowledge and identify solutions to the ongoing national epidemic. Sokol focuses her research on youth exposure to adversity, and on firearm injury and violence prevention.

  4. Andrew C. Grogan-Kaylor
    Andy Grogan-Kaylor’s team wins Breakthrough Award at U-M’s Psych Tank Funding Competition

    Andy Grogan-Kaylor’s team won a Breakthrough Award at the inaugural Psych Tank Funding Competition, hosted by the U-M’s Eisenberg Family Depression Center. The team came in second place, winning $75,000 for their project “Mental health care for ALL kids! What are we waiting for?”

  5. H. Luke  Shaefer
    Luke Shaefer Describes Why Child Poverty Rates Fell During the Pandemic

    Luke Shaefer explains in Vox how federal government support during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted child poverty to fall sharply. “It was, indeed, a triumph of policy.”

  6. Nicolaus (Nick) R. Espitia
    Nick Espitia Successfully Defends Dissertation

    Nick Espitia, Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Sociology, has successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Our Existence is a Political Issue: Examining the Political Participation of Undocumented Latinx Immigrants in the Midwest.” Katie Richards-Schuster served on his committee.

    Espitia has accepted a tenure-track faculty position in the department of social work at Oakland University.

    • September 13, 2022
  7. Edith A. Lewis
    Edith Lewis Receives 2022 Alexis J. Walker Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Council on Family Relations

    Professor Emerita Edith Lewis has been named the 2022 Alexis J. Walker Lifetime Achievement awardee. The award recognizes her decades of contributions to feminist scholarship, teaching and service and is sponsored by the Feminism and Family Science Section of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). Lewis will give a plenary address at the 2023 NCFR conference.

    • September 13, 2022
  8. Andrew C. Grogan-Kaylor
    Andrew Grogan-Kaylor’s Research Cited in Editorials in the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post

    Professor Andrew Grogan-Kaylor’s review of 50 years of research on corporal punishment was cited in a Chicago Tribune article about the return of corporal punishment to a Missouri school district. The review was also cited in an editorial in the Washington Post.

  9. Terri L. Friedline
    Terri Friedline 2022 Recipient of the Doctoral Student Organization Faculty Award

    Associate Professor Terri Friedline received the 2022 Doctoral Student Organization Faculty Award. “I'm humbled to receive this award from doctoral students —an acknowledgement of my contributions,” said Friedline. “It is a tremendous honor to play a small role in supporting the next generations of social work and social sciences scholars.”

    • September 6, 2022
  10. Robert M. Ortega
    Robert Ortega’s Profile of Professor Emerita Charles Garvin Published in Social Work with Groups

    Associate Professor Robert Ortega’s profile of Professor Emerita Charles Garvin is featured in the latest issue of Social Work with Groups. PhD students Ronke Olawale and Andrea Shanon Mora are co-authors. The profile showcases Garvin’s lifelong contribution to social justice and social work with groups.

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