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    MSW Student Tian Yeung Writes in Michigan Daily that Voting is the Heart of Democracy

    MSW student Tian Y​​eung’s op-ed in the Michigan Daily explains how critical voting is in supporting democracy. “It took the fall of a city for me to learn the significance of voting. That city was the one I was born in, the one I spent my childhood in and the one I loved: Hong Kong,” wrote Yeung. “If I could go back in time, I would ensure I voted at every opportunity.”

  2. Terri L. Friedline
    Terri Friedline Quoted in MarketWatch on the Financial Stress Facing Americans

    Associate Professor Terri Friedline spoke with MarketWatch about the stress many Americans are facing in light of both rising costs and the threat of a predicted recession. “When things are not going well financially, it feels embarrassing and shameful,” she said. “Many, many people have financial difficulties, have struggled to pay their bills, or have over-drafted their accounts.”

  3. Karla  Goldman
    Karla Goldman Quoted in Inside Higher Ed on the History of Elite Universities Limiting Jewish Student Enrollment

    Professor Karla Goldman spoke with Inside Higher Ed about the report released by Stanford University uncovering its history of limiting Jewish student enrollments. The report comes at a time when colleges and universities across the country are excavating their pasts and working to publicly acknowledge and correct for their roles in historical wrongs.  “This was happening everywhere, so it’s interesting that Stanford took this piece as seriously as they have,” Goldman said. “It’s to their credit. But does it mean there should be a wave of these things everywhere? Truly, almost every school in the Northeast should be apologizing.”

    Six Michigan Social Work Students Named as 2022 CEW+ Scholars

    Six School of Social Work students have received CEW+ awards: 

    MSW student Irma Maribel Andrade Guzman — Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar

    MSW student Rossi Clark —  Beatrice Kahn Scholar 

    MSW student Justine D’Souza — Margaret Dusseau Brevoot Scholar

    MSW student Jennifer Harris — Susan Quackenbush Scholar 

    MSW student Julia Hettich — Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar

    PhD student Kari Sherwood — Mary Malcolmson Raphael Scholar

    The CEW+ scholarship program was established in 1970 to honor the academic performance and potential of women whose education has been interrupted and to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the admissions of women to U-M. With support from our generous donors, CEW+ was able to expand the program in 2008 to include additional scholarships for students of all genders. This year’s cohort will be honored at the CEW+ award luncheon in November.

    School of Social Work’s Centennial Timeline Wins CASE Award

    The School of Social Work’s marketing and web teams have won a Best of CASE District V Award for the School’s Centennial Timeline Project. The timeline depicts the School’s history from its origins to its current position as one of the world’s most prominent schools of social work. Initially designed as a physical installation, the timeline was reenvisioned during the pandemic as a three-prong initiative: 

    A museum-quality installation in the School of Social Work Building. Custom-designed wallpaper depicts the architecture of the four School of Social Work buildings during the last century; plaques, photos and memorabilia detail specific moments in the School’s history.

     A four-page print version of the timeline was created for the centennial issue of our alumni magazine, Ongoing.

    A digital version of the timeline is featured on the school’s Centennial website.

    Designed as a brief overview — as opposed to a comprehensive history — the timeline is an interactive, community-sourced project that can expand to reflect contributions from the school alumni, faculty and students. All three versions end with a QR code, which allows the community to submit their own historical moment to the project. This was a long-term project that involved multiple departments including AV, development and facilities.

    CASE is the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, a global non-profit association dedicated to educational advancement, alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and advancement services.

  6. Trina R. Shanks
    Trina Shanks Appointed Black Administrators, Researchers, and Scholars Board President

    Professor Trina Shanks has been appointed board president of the Black Administrators, Researchers, and Scholars (BARS) group.  BARS was founded by the late Larry Davis, MSW '73 and  PhD '77, to aid in the development and advancement of Black social work scholars, researchers and administrators within the Social Work academic discipline.

    • October 13, 2022
  7. Andrew C. Grogan-KaylorShawna J. Lee
    Andy Grogan-Kaylor and Shawna Lee’s Research on the Link Between Gender Inequity and Child Abuse Featured in Michigan News

    Professors Andy Grogan-Kaylor and Shawna Lee’s research on the relationship between gender inequity and child abuse is featured in Michigan News. Garret Pace, PhD ‘22, and Kaitlin Paxton Ward, PhD ‘22 are also co-authors on the study, which found that gender inequality at the adult level perpetuates women’s economic insecurity that contributes to higher levels of child abuse.

    “Hope is the Oxygen” — Michigan Social Work Hosts Darren Walker for Its Second Social Justice Changemaker Lecture

    Earlier this month, the School of Social Work presented Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, in the School’s second annual Social Justice Changemaker Lecture. The program, “Social Change in Action: How to be a change agent in a world that feels out of control,” featured a conversation in which Walker and Dean Beth Angell explored ways to be a change agent during challenging times and discussed how philanthropy can be used as a force for social change.

  9. Ayesha Ghazi Edwin
    Progressive Values Shape Ayesha Ghazi Edwin’s Family Story

    “Ann Arbor and the university welcomed us with open arms, and we fell in love with this diverse, inclusive community.” Lecturer and ENGAGE: DETROIT Program Manager Ayesha Ghazi Edwin’s family history is chronicled in a story on U-M’s Center for South Asian Studies website. The story describes how the progressive values of their grandparents have shaped Ghazi Edwin, who is also an Ann Arbor Council member, and her sister, Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, who is Michigan’s Chief Medical Executive.

  10. H. Luke  Shaefer
    Luke Shaefer Discusses the Pandemic’s Dramatic Shift in Federal Child Spending in the New York Times

    Professor Luke Shaefer was quoted in a New York Times article describing the short-term surge in federal per child spending during the pandemic. “In my career, I’ve never seen anything so dramatic as the shift in resources to families with kids during the pandemic,” said Shaefer “Now we have much more evidence that these types of provisions can really work, and almost all of it is going away.”

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