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Our Vision

A Better Society Through Individual and Social Change

Mission Statement

Advancing the social work profession’s vision and values, the University of Michigan School of Social Work seeks to develop a more equitable, caring, and socially just society. Such a society meets basic human needs, eliminates social and economic inequities, and empowers individuals, their communities, and institutions to reach their aspirations and potential. Drawing on an interdisciplinary faculty within a public university seated in a region of enormous need and promise, the School is dedicated to education, research, and service that fosters progressive change at local, national, and global levels.


  1. The School will provide an excellent education to students and practitioners in the knowledge and skills needed for contemporary and evolving social work practice.
  2. The School will create and disseminate knowledge about individual, community, and organizational concerns; social issues; social policy; and practice interventions, within a tradition of multi-disciplinary and multi-professional research.
  3. The School will engage in service to the community, the profession, and society through collaboration and leadership.

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