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Financial Aid Procedures for New MSW Students

To apply for financial aid through the U-M School of Social Work, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Indicate on your application for admission that you plan to apply for financial assistance. Indicating that you will apply for financial aid will not have an impact on the admissions decision.

  2. Complete and submit the School of Social Work financial aid application to the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management at the School of Social Work at the earliest date possible. Funds are awarded on a rolling basis. As awards are made, funding will become limited. Early application is strongly recommended. When you submit the MSW application, the financial aid application page will be added to the end of your MSW application when you answer "Yes" to "Are you applying for financial aid?" If you answered "No", but wish to apply for SSW financial aid after submitting your MSW application, please complete and submit the School of Social Work financial aid application. Do NOT submit a duplicate SSW financial aid application.

    By completing the SSW financial aid application, you will be considered for merit-based financial aid. If you would also like to be considered for NEED-BASED financial aid, answer 'Yes' to "Would you like to be considered for NEED-BASED financial aid?"

    Note: most grant/scholarship aid provided by the School is need-based aid.

  3. Carefully read the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or renewal FAFSA instructions.

  4. Complete either the FAFSA or the renewal FAFSA as soon as possible. Early application is strongly encouraged. Every applicant requesting consideration for need-based aid must complete a FAFSA. The FAFSA is available in December for application to the following academic year. FAFSA forms are available at

    NOTE: MSW students are considered independent students. Therefore, they are not required to supply parental data on the FAFSA or submit parents' tax returns.

  5. Request that a copy of the financial need analysis be sent to the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid (OFA) by entering the following school code/information on the FAFSA:

    Federal School Code: 002325
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

  6. Once you receive a FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) (approximately two weeks after submission of the FAFSA or renewal FAFSA), review the data on the FSS for accuracy. Respond to any requests for missing/incomplete information and make any corrections following the instructions included with the FSS.

    Note: If you don't receive your FSS or need additional copies of your FSS, call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 800-433-3243 or check on the processing of your FAFSA at

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