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  • Faller, K. C., Vaughan-Eden, V., Goldstein, S., & Schudson, H. C. (2019). Effects of Junk Science on Attitudes and Beliefs. 24th International San Diego Summit on Violence, Abuse, & Trauma., San Diego, CA.

  • Friedline, T. (2019). Describing poverty. Invited presentation to the Matrix Thought Leaders Meeting, Detroit, MI.

  • Kayser, K. & Wittmann, D. (2019). Demysitfying the Publication Process: Writing and Reviewing for Peer-reviewed Journals, Association of Oncology Social Work Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ.

  • Cheng, J. & Li, L.W. (2019, November). Prevalence and management of hypertension among middle-aged and older adults in China. Poster presented at the 70th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, Austin, TX.

  • Ngo, Q.M., Stein, S.F., Walton, M.A., Cunningham, R. (April 2019). A whole person approach: Mindfulness and resilience among emerging adults involved in intimate partner violence. Paper presented at the 2019 Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research. Cincinnati, OH.

  • Wiland, S. R. (2019, May). An introduction to motivational enhancement with older adults. Michigan Mental Health and Aging Conference. Lansing, MI.

  • Schultz, K. & Noyes, E. (2019). "Then who are you?”: Cultural Considerations in Dating and Relationships Among Young American Indian and Alaska Native Women. Presentation, Society for Social Work and Research 23rd Annual Conference - Ending Gender Based, Family and Community Violence. San Francisco, CA.

  • Lee, S. J., & Lee, J. Y. (2019, June). Testing the feasibility of an interactive mentor- based text messaging program to increase father’s engagement in home visitation. Invited talk for the Fatherhood Research and Practice Network webinar.

  • Reed, L. and Tolman, R. M. (2019, January). Digital Dating Abuse Perpetration in Adolescent Dating Relationships: Exploring Motivations for Digital Behaviors and Links to Off-Line Abuse, Society for Social Work Research, San Francisco,

  • Zebrack, B. (2019, March). Improving Integration of Psychosocial Care into Routine Cancer Care: The Untapped Potential of Implementation Science, 16thAnnual American Psychosocial Oncology Society Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Wang, K., Zhang, A.,Sun, F., & Hu, R. (2019, Nov.). Family cohesion moderates the relationship between acculturation and health among older Chinese Americans.Oral presentationat the GSA 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting: Strength in Age: Harnessing the Power of Networks, Austin, Texas.

  • Rahman, R., Pinto, R. M., Zanchetta, M., Bailey, R., & Lu, J. (2019). Medical and Lay Health Service Providers' Contributions to HIV-Prevention Research in Brazil's Countrywide Family Health Strategy. Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), San Francisco, CA..

  • Schultz, K. & Noyes, E. (2019). Unseen complexities: How young Native women navigate cultural connections and cultural practices in their dating and intimate relationships. Presentation, ResilienceCon 2019. Nashville, TN.

  • Faller, K. C., Corwin, D., Saunders, D., Milchman, M., et al. (2019). Controversies Regarding Parental Alienation: What is It and What Does the Research Tell Us? Colloquium of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, Salt Lake City

  • O’Gara, J., Zhang, A., Padilla, Y., Liu, C., & Wang, K. (2019, Oct.). The crucial role of closeness: Linking father-child relationships with adolescent health. Oral presentation at the 2019 Council on Social Work Education 65th Annual Program Meeting: Social Work Education: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Denver, Colorado.

  • Blumenthal, A. & Shanks, T.R.W. (2019, Jan. 17). Does CSA Participation Influence Savings Behavior in the Long-Term?: Views From Families. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Work Research, San Francisco, CA.

  • Smith, M. Pinto, R. M., et al. (2019). Adapting Virtual Reality Job-Interview Training for Transition-Age Youth on the Autism Spectrum. International Society for Autism Research, May, Montreal, CA.

  • Narendorf, S., Brydon, D.M., Bender, K., Santa Maria, D., Barman-Adhikari, A., Shelton, J.,…Petering, R. (2019, January). System involvement among young adults experiencing homelessness: A four group comparison of those with no involvement, juvenile justice only, foster care only, or dual status. Paper presented at the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

  • Lu, A., & Lee, J. Y. (2019, May). Geocoding stay-at-home parents’ self-defined locations. Poster to be presented at #UMTweetCon2019: A Conference on the Use of Twitter Data for Research and Analytics, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Kattari, S. K. (2019, January). “Intimate partner violence in transgender and non-binary populations: A systematic review of the qualitative literature”. Paper presented as part of the Gender based, family, and community violence impacting transgender and genderdiverse populations: Lived experiences and strategies for resistance at the Society for Social Work Research Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

  • Galano, M. M., Grogan-Kaylor, A. C., Clark, H., M., Stein, S. F., & Graham-Bermann, S. A. (2019, November). Factors Inhibiting and Supporting Eight-Year Resilience Trajectories in IPV-Exposed Children. Poster presented at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

  • Sherwood K. Eliminating Ableism in Higher Education with Universal Design for Learning. Poster presentation at the 2019 UM School of Social Work Student Learning Symposium. Ann Arbor, March.

  • Wittmann, D., Mehta, A., Bober, S., Dunn, R., Zhu, Z., Braun, T., Carter, C., Duby, A., Paich, K., Skolarus, T., An, L., Nelson, C., Saigal, C., Chen, R., & Pollack, C. (2019). TrueNTH Sexual Recovery Intervention for Couples Coping with Prostate Cancer: Randomized Controlled Trial Results., American Urological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

  • Lacombe-Duncan, A. & Persad, Y. (2019, November). Access to gender-affirming medical care for trans women living with HIV in Canada: A mixed methods study. Paper accepted for oral presentation at the Canadian Professional Association of Transgender Health Conference 2019: Advancing Trans Health and Wellbeing in Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • Gilbert, T. (2019, February). Justice involved youth in Michigan: Priority for reform. Blue Meridian Partners, Justice Community Consortium.


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