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Public Banking: Economic Rights and Guaranteed Income

The Institute kindly requests completing and returning the form attached to this submission. This is an arrangement to secure funding outside the scope of an open RFP, in concert with ongoing collaborations, and, based on Jodi's recommendations, this would be "routed through Procurement for an individual research services agreement." The scope of work and draft budget include the following: Terri Friedline will deliver 2 research papers on public banking (1 focused on human rights economies, 1 focused on connections to guaranteed income) by April 30, 2023. The budget is $11,200, which includes $5,000 per paper with an IDC rate of 12% (in other words, IDC rate of 12% on $10,000 direct costs). Terri Friedline will contract with Ameya Pawar for assistance in completing the public banking paper focused on connections to guaranteed income, allocating $5,000 for his effort on that paper, paid in April 2023 once the paper is completed.

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