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Active Projects & Grants Managed in the School of Social Work

  1. Jaclynn M. Hawkins

    Men in Action (M-Action): cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and community-based exercise (EXER) intervention for Black Men with Type 2 Diabetes

    Hawkins, Jaclynn (PI)

  2. Rogério Meireles Pinto
  3. Jaclynn M. Hawkins

    Well Being Together

    Hawkins, Jaclynn (PI)

  4. Trina R. Shanks

    111661-U065878 - Microsimulation Analysis of Policy Changes in Michigan

    Shanks, Trina (PI)

  5. Jamie Mitchell

    Health Disparities in Racial & Ethnic Minorities Research

    Mitchell, Jamie (PI)

  6. Karla  Goldman
  7. Shanna Katz Kattari
  8. Andrew C. Grogan-Kaylor

    Mood-Lifters: a novel approach to mental wellness

    Deldin, Patricia (PI)
    Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, Sandra Graham-Bermann (Co-Is)

  9. Amber Williams
  10. Giovanna Gonzalez (Odessa Gonzalez) Benson
  11. Shanna Katz Kattari
  12. Giovanna Gonzalez (Odessa Gonzalez) Benson
  13. Matthew J. SmithAdrienne L. Lapidos
  14. Mary C. RuffoloKathleen L. Lopez
  15. Berit  Ingersoll-Dayton
  16. Mieko Yoshihama
  17. Jeffrey S. RobertsRuth E. Dunkle
  18. Mieko Yoshihama
  19. Katie A. Schultz

    Uniting Statewide Tribal DV against AI AN Women - Curtis Center

    Schultz, Katie (PI)

  20. Jaclynn M. Hawkins
  21. Giovanna Gonzalez (Odessa Gonzalez) Benson

    Climate displacement and service provision in the Philippines

    Gonzalez Benson, Giovanna

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