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Active Projects & Grants Managed in the School of Social Work

  1. Daphne C. Watkins
  2. Shawna J. Lee
  3. Shawna J. Lee

    Dental Hygiene Faculty Focus Groups - National

    Lee, Shawna (PI)

  4. Shawna J. Lee
  5. Shawna J. Lee
  6. Shawna J. Lee

    Faculty Focus Groups - Dentistry - PEG

    Lee, Shawna

  7. Shawna J. Lee
  8. Shawna J. Lee

    Evaluation of the Young Adult Re-entry Initiative Supplement

    Lee, Shawna (PI)

  9. Bradley J. Zebrack
  10. Todd I. Herrenkohl
  11. Tuxedo Project Community Map

    Okasinski, Maureen (PI)

  12. Rogério Meireles Pinto
  13. Mary C. Ruffolo
  14. Edith C. Kieffer
  15. Matthew J. Smith
  16. Kristin S. Seefeldt
  17. Brian E. Perron
  18. Anao Zhang

    CRLT - Agent 4 Safety

    Zhang, Anao (PI)

  19. Katie E. Richards-Schuster

    Expanding Youth Voice in Quality Assessment in Detroit

    Richards-Schuster, Katie (PI)

  20. Katie E. Richards-Schuster
  21. Kate D. FitzgeraldJoseph A. Himle
  22. Rogério Meireles Pinto
  23. Lindsay A. Bornheimer
  24. Lindsay A. Bornheimer
  25. Lindsay A. Bornheimer

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