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  1. Mental Health Matters »

    Mental Health Matters, formerly We’re People Too, is established for the expressed purpose of developing a mental health community and advocating for mental health awareness in the School of Social Work and larger community. Our mission is to plan events advocating and supporting awareness. We hope to end stigma around mental illness in the School of Social Work and the community at large, while also building a support community of students around the subject of mental health and mental illness.

  2. Mindful Moments Meditation »

    Mindful Moments is a student organization within the U-M School of Social Work that will offer free online meditation sessions, as well as a limited number of in-person sessions. The executive board hopes to offer leadership opportunities as well, as such meditation training workshops or retreats to attend together. Our opportunities will be open to those new to meditation, in addition to those who are not.

    The mission of Mindful Moments is to create a safe, inclusive space to talk about meditation and mindfulness, while learning new skills and strategies to advance our practice and support to our members in leading more mindful lives.

  3. Non-Traditional Student Network

    The mission of the Non-Traditional Student Network is to develop a supportive network for non-traditional students, connect them to resources as well as to help students transition back into the academic realm. These students include those who have resumed their studies after an absence, students with families, those who work full- and part-time and seasoned professional students.

  4. Queer Advocacy Coalition »

    Queer Advocacy Coalition is established for the expressed purpose of developing a graduate and professional-level social work LGBTQIA+ community as well as education about professionalism to engage students in inclusive, ethical practices.

  5. Showing Up For Racial Justice - SURJ »

    SURJ UMich (Showing Up For Racial Justice University of Michigan) is a local chapter of a national network of Showing Up For Racial Justice group organizing white people to radical justice.

  6. Social Work & Sport Association »

    The Social Work and Sport Association aims to raise awareness in the emerging field of social work and sport. Through integration and collaboration, their organization focuses on research, networking, community outreach, and relationship building between social work and sport communities.

  7. Social Work in Schools »

    Social Work in Schools (SWIS) exists to build a community of students interested in social work in school setting. (SWIS) serves as a bridge between the school social work specialization and the student body to promote the professional development of students interest in School Social Work in schools and to cultivate and maintain a school-based intervention resources database for current students and future social workers.

  8. Student Association for Psychedelic Studies »

    Student Association for Psychedelic Studies (SAPS) is established for the purpose of raising awareness about and facilitating the success of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy movement. Our objective is to create a space to discuss the growing body of research on therapeutic uses of psychedelics and related political, ethical, and PODS issues. We hope to expand objective awareness and promote fair and responsible access to alternative treatments.

  9. Student Rights Project »

    The Student Rights Project (SRP) is a pro bono project comprised of graduate students in the University of Michigan’s schools of law, social work, and education. In partnership with the Student Advocacy Center (SAC), we advocate for K-12 students facing suspension or expulsion in Southeast Michigan. Our advocacy model is holistic: we aim to empower youth and families throughout the school disciplinary process, to connect students with community support networks, and to limit the use and negative consequences of exclusionary discipline. SRP also organizes and promotes activities designed to challenge institutional threats to educational opportunities for all Michigan children, including reviewing school codes of conduct through the School Code Project. Contact srp-board@umich.edu with questions or to get trained as an Advocate!

  10. Student Social Workers in Higher Education »

    SSWHE is established for the expressed purpose of helping social work students gain the skills and tools they need to practice in higher education. Our mission is to provide social work students with professional development, networking, and educational opportunities to learn how to apply their social work skills in a higher education setting.

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