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John E. Tropman

Henry J. Meyer Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Social Work, School of Social Work

John Tropman is the director of Leadership in Community Benefit Organizations, a program initiated in the School of Social Work January 1, 2015 to organize and focus management content for management majors and Community Organization and Policy & Evaluation majors. His research focuses on the organizational elements that create high-performing human service (and other) organizations. Topics of special interest are entrepreneurship, effective group decision making, C-level executives, the problem of executive burnout and flameout, and organizational rewards systems.

Tropman is also interested in culture in general, and organizational culture in particular. His book, The Catholic Ethic in American Society, addresses this issue.

Research Interests/Focus

Research/scholarly interest: social welfare policy; community organization; non-profit management, entrepreneurship, c-level executives; leadership


Year Degree   School
1967 PhD Social Work and Sociology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1963 MA Social Work and Social Service Administration University of Chicago, IL
1961 BA Sociology Oberlin College, OH


Personal Home Page

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