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Information on this page is for 2022-2023 applicants. If you were admitted prior to Fall 2020 please click here to view information accurate to your curriculum.

Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Faculty

  • Lindsay A. Bornheimer

    Lindsay A. Bornheimer

    Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Risk factors for suicidal ideation and attempt among adults diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders; serious mental illness; depression; suicide prevention; intervention development, implementation, and evaluation; cognitive-behavioral therapy; evidence-based practice; structural equation modeling and longitudinal data analysis
  • Linda M. Chatters

    Linda M. Chatters

    Paula Allen-Meares Collegiate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health, and Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, ISR
    Religious involvement and well-being, social support networks of adult/elderly African Americans, intergenerational family relations, families and health.
  • David Córdova

    David Córdova

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Drug abuse, HIV/STI, prevention, community-based participatory research, adolescents, health disparities
  • Abigail H. Eiler

    Abigail H. Eiler

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Integrated Health, culturally responsive care, suicide prevention and intervention, child welfare, juvenile justice and social work and sports
  • Joseph A. Himle

    Joseph A. Himle

    Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Howard V. Brabson Collegiate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, and Professor of Psychiatry, Medical School
    Mental health, anxiety, depression, psycosocial interventions, cognitive-behavioral therapy, interface between neurobiology and psychosocial interventions in mental health.
  • Shanna Katz Kattari

    Shanna Katz Kattari

    Assistant Professor of Social Work and Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    Health disparities; health outcomes; discrimination; disability/ableism; gender identity; sexual orientation; intersectionality; mixed method; and power/privilege/oppression
  • Ashley Lacombe-Duncan

    Ashley Lacombe-Duncan

    Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Healthcare access and equity; social determinants of health; intersectional stigma and discrimination; LGBT people; people living with HIV; mixed methods; systematic reviews; community-based participatory research
  • Rachel T. Naasko

    Rachel T. Naasko

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec IV
    Children and Youth, Child Welfare, School Social Work, Social Workers in Higher Education, Crisis Management, Mental Health,
  • Robert M. Ortega

    Robert M. Ortega

    Associate Professor of Social Work and University Faculty Ombuds
    Child welfare, juvenile justice, serious mental illness.
  • Brian E. Perron

    Brian E. Perron

    Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, and Faculty Associate, Populations Studies Center, Institute for Social Research
    Community mental health, treatment processes, service access and utilization, evidence-based practices.
  • Julie M. Ribaudo

    Julie M. Ribaudo

    Clinical Professor of Social Work
    Psychotherapy, community mental health, child welfare, public health, early intervention, challenging infants, mental health, infant mental health, clinical supervision
  • Yatesha D. Robinson

    Yatesha D. Robinson

    Field Faculty and LEO Lec III
    Wellbeing in African American women, mental health and wellbeing, health disparities, racial microaggressions, children and youth.
  • Beth A. Sherman

    Beth A. Sherman

    Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work
    Children and youth, school social work, prevention, and early intervention.
  • Matthew J. Smith

    Matthew J. Smith

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Autism; Schizophrenia; Technology-based Interventions and Trainings; Social Neuroscience
  • Richard M. Tolman

    Richard M. Tolman

    Sheldon D. Rose Collegiate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work
    Group work and family violence, interpersonal practice.
  • Lynn Videka

    Lynn Videka

    Dean and Carol T. Mowbray Collegiate Professor of Social Work
    Peer-helping models for people facing life crises; the effectiveness of social work practice; prevention services, especially to mental health and child welfare populations
  • Mieko Yoshihama

    Mieko Yoshihama

    Professor of Social Work
    Violence against women, community organizing and participatory action research in immigrant and marginalized communities, theatre-based prevention, mental health.
  • Bradley J. Zebrack

    Bradley J. Zebrack

    Professor of Social Work
    Cancer support, social work oncology
  • Anao Zhang

    Anao Zhang

    Assistant Professor of Social Work
    Health and mental; Evidence-based practice; Psychosocial oncology; Social determinants of health; Integrated behavioral health; and Quantitative methods.

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