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Sexual Health Plenaries and Podcasts

The Sexual Health Certificate Program begins with an annual plenary on the Friday before the Summer Institute begins. The first SHCP plenary was in July, 2009.

List of plenaries:

  • 2022 "Reflections from a Lifetime Advocating for Sexual Justice"
    Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner

  • 2021 "Black Sexuality: How Myths and Implicit Bias Can Cause More Harm"
    Katrina M. Sanford, PSYD

  • 2020 "The Role of Research in Integrating Sexual Health into Oncology Care"
    D. Wittman, PhD, LMSW

  • 2019 "Why Fetishism Matters"
    Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD

  • 2018 "Talking About Sex is Changing the World"
    Sallie M. Foley, LMSW

  • 2018 "Reproductive Justice Issues in the United States"
    Edward B. Goldman, JD

  • 2017 "The New Sex Educator: We Need a Sex Chat!"
    Susan Stiritz, PhD, MSW, MBA, MA

  • 2016 "Advocating Global Reproductive Justice in the Academic Space"
    Timothy Johnson, MD

  • 2015 "Testosterone, Sexuality, and Gender/Sex"
    Sari van Anders, PhD

  • 2014 "Sexual Diversity in the US: Findings from the 2012 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior"
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH

  • 2013 "Girly Bits and Private Parts: A new view of sexual self esteem"
    Hilda Hutcherson, MD

  • 2012 "Development of the Construct of Sexual Health: National and Global Strategies to Promote Sexual Health"
    Eli Coleman, PhD

  • 2011 "The G Spot and Beyond: Research Concerning Women's Sexual Responses"
    Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, FAAN

  • 2010 "Sexual Dysfunction: Medical and Psychological Interventions"
    Stan Althof, PhD

  • 2009 "Why Talking About Sex Will Change the World"
    Sallie Foley, MSW

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