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Prospective Students

  1. Do I need to apply separately to the discipline in which I am interested as well as to the Joint PhD Program?

    No. You only need to go through the application process for admission to the Joint PhD Program. If you are accepted into the Joint Program, you are also accepted into the discipline you selected.

  2. Do you offer a part-time or an online PhD?

    No. You must be registered as a full-time student studying on campus to receive our funding package. Students are expected to devote full time to their studies and are supported financially to enable them to do that.

  3. How do I send in my GRE or TOEFL scores for my Joint PhD Application?

    The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test is required for all Joint PhD applicants. For information about GRE registration and preparation, please see Please contact Educational Testing Services (ETS) and have them forward an electronic copy of your Press enter to read full text...

  4. I am an international student. Am I eligible for Joint PhD Program funding?

    Yes, you are eligible for the funding package described here. You are not eligible for certain fellowships and scholarships offered at the University of Michigan, or for training grants supported by the federal government.

  5. May I apply to the Joint PhD Program as a transfer student?

    The Joint PhD program does not accept transfer students or credits to the program unless a student comes directly from one of the five departments aligned with the Social Work and Social Science PhD. Students wishing to join the Joint PhD program from one of the five social sciences must go through the application process just as any other student applying to the program.

  6. May I apply to the Joint PhD Program in Social Work and Social Science without having an MSW degree?

    Yes. If you are accepted into the Joint PhD Program, you will earn your MSW degree in the process of completing your PhD.

  7. Tips for Writing a Strong Joint PhD Program Application

    The purpose of this document is to provide the applicant to the University of Michigan’s Joint PhD Program in Social Work and Social Science tips for writing a strong application. This document also provides some insight into the priorities of the program: a Press enter to read full text...

  8. What are my chances of securing employment upon graduation from the Joint PhD Program?

    Because of the quality and breadth of their training, graduates of the Joint PhD Program are heavily recruited nationally and internationally. In the past four years, the majority of graduates have secured tenure-track positions in colleges and universities. Recent graduates have also taken post-doctorate fellowships in leading universities, and have gone to work in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

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