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Joint PhD Students



  1. Kathryn Berringer Kathryn Berringer

    HIV prevention practices in the US

  2. Yun Chen Yun Chen

    substance use and misuse, mental health, community-based practices, social work professionalization and localization in global contexts (China and beyond).

  3. Matthew A Hiller

  4. Cintia Huitzil Cintia Huitzil

  5. Vitalis Im Vitalis Im

  6. Nina Jackson Levin Nina Jackson Levin

  7. Nicolas I. Juarez

  8. Ronke G. Olawale Ronke G. Olawale

  9. Irene E. Routte Irene E. Routte

  10. Lukas Vrbka Lukas Vrbka

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