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Joint PhD Students


  1. Olivia D. Chang Olivia D. Chang

  2. Joonyoung Cho Joonyoung Cho

    Aging-in-Place, Life Course, Social Relation, Productive Aging, Health, Internet Communication and Technologies

  3. Emma B. Gross Emma B. Gross

  4. Keion Harris Keion Harris

    • Pre-Candidate
    • Psychology - Developmental
    • Library
  5. Sunghyun Hong Sunghyun Hong

    Developmental shaping of resilience, neuroscience of resilience, biology x environment transactions, risk and protective factors, cultural variability, life-course perspective, strength-based framework, trauma-informed practices and system

  6. Rita  Hu Rita Hu

    Older adults and their families, Grandparents in multi-generation households and skipped-generation households, Older adults with chronic diseases, Caregiver support, Ageism's impact on health

  7. Jay R Kayser Jay R Kayser

  8. Brittani Symone Parham Brittani Symone Parham

  9. Yanghyun Park

  10. Brittany Ribeiro Brown Brittany Ribeiro Brown

    • Candidate
    • Psychology - Personality & Social Contexts

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