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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As an online student would I be able to pursue the School Social Work Certificate?

    No, the School Social Work Certificate will not be offered in the Online MSW Program and is only available in our On-Campus MSW Program.

  2. By enrolling in or completing the online MicroMasters courses, am I guaranteed acceptance into the MSW program?

    Please carefully review the information on our MicroMasters MSW webpage. There, you will find program details and an action timeline.

    Enrolling in or completing the online MicroMasters certificate program does not guarantee admission into the MSW program. The online MicroMasters courses are not by themselves graduate credit bearing courses but provide an opportunity to earn a workforce credential.

  3. Can I apply to the MasterTrack MSW if I am an undergrad?

    Yes, however, you will need to have your human service screened through the Eligibility Review Request form

  4. Can I change a recommender if I have already submitted my application?

    To change an online recommender, go to the Online Application Menu, Manage Your Account – Review Your Activity. You will see a University of Michigan School of Social Work link; when you click on it, you should be able to see each of the recommenders in which you Press enter to read full text...

  5. Can I change my pathway of interest after I have submitted the MSW application?

    Yes, you may request a change to your pathway of interest. Please complete and submit the pathway change request form.

  6. Can I complete part of the evaluation now and return to it later?

    The evaluation should be done all at once, so give yourself enough time. Most evaluations can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

  7. Can I complete the Online MSW program as a dual degree student?

    Dual degree students are not eligible to participate in the Online MSW program.

  8. Can I continue to work if my Employment Authorization Document (EAD) expires?

    No. Students are not eligible to work without a valid EAD. Students cannot obtain a new GSI, GSRA or GSSA appointment without a valid EAD.

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