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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can MasterTrack MSW students apply for loans?

    Yes, MasterTrack MSW students may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for federal loans for the terms that they are enrolled at the University of Michigan.

  2. Can Online MSW students apply for loans?

    Yes, Online MSW students may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for federal loans.

  3. Can Online MSW students complete teaching assistantships or work-study positions remotely?

    Students should reach out directly to hiring departments to inquire if work can be conducted in a remote manner. Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Graduate Student Staff Assistant (GSSA) remotely positions will be posted on the U-M Careers website. Work-study positions are posted on the U-M Student Employment website.

  4. Can recommendations be completed online?

    Yes, we strongly encourage applicants to submit an online application and utilize the online recommendation system. In the letters of recommendation section of the online application, you may indicate whether or not you wish each recommender to use the online Press enter to read full text...

  5. Can students choose any pathway in the Online Program?

    Students completing the Online MSW Program must follow the Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Pathway. Additional pathways may be added to the Online Program in the future.

  6. Can students live outside of the United States and complete the Online MSW Program?

    Yes. Students who live outside of the country must be a U.S. Citizen or have Permanent Residency status. Students outside of the country are also required to complete field placement hours in the United States. Please review the Distance Education Disclosure form for more information.

  7. Can students switch between the Online and On-Campus programs?

    It is strongly recommended that students who are interested in both the on-campus and online program, apply for both the Online Program and the On-Campus programs.

  8. Can the Online MSW degree be completed Full-time?

    No, the online degree can only be completed part-time.

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