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As an Online MSW admitted student, can I vary from the Course Planning Worksheet (CPW)?

The simple answer is YES, you can do this. However, there are a few things you should consider before making this decision:

  • Taking more credits than the CPW indicates in one term, and then less in another is totally fine. From an overall tuition standpoint, this will level back out.

    • For example, if your CPW says to take 6 credits in winter and 6 in spring/summer (12 credits), you can take 4 in the winter and 8 in the spring/summer (also 12 credits) and the overall tuition you pay still balances in the end (you are paying for 12 credits).
    • You can contact the University Office of Financial Aid (734-763-6600) or Cerise Carrington (734-936-0961) in our Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management to see how the number of credits taken will impact your financial aid package.
  • If you are receiving federal aid, you are required to be enrolled in at least 4 credits. So if you are reducing in a given semester, keep that in mind.
  • Our policy is that part-time students can take up to 8 credits in a semester. We have, on occasion, approved part-time students to take 9 credits in a semester. Approval for this is needed, so please be in touch with Antuan Featherstone or Barb Hiltz to discuss the approval process.
  • You are welcome to go over the total of 45 credits, just know you'll pay more in overall tuition. Part-time students pay per credit hour. So you'll pay extra for the classes you take beyond 45 credits.
  • If you want to stray from the plan your CPW lays out, it is good (though not required) to check in with your technical advisor, Antuan Featherstone. He can make sure that anything you intend to wait to take will be available in a later term.

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