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As an Online MSW admitted student, how do I backpack a course? (i.e. SW 515 - Field)

Video Transcript

Hello and thank you for joining me. Today I'm going to show you how to backpack a course in Wolverine access; specifically a field education course. So when you arrive in Wolverine access at the top of the screen you should click on the students tab that will take you to this page with several different menu options. You want to select Student Business and it will open a new window and take you to a screen that should look fairly similar to this. In this case we want to search or click on the student center that is - that will take you to this window on the left hand side. You will click backpack slash registration. Here you will find listed several different terms the current term that you might be in. If there isn't a previous term you will see the term that is new for you as you will be registering for that upcoming term so in this particular case we're selecting winter 2023.

Select the term and click continue and it will take you to this window where you can search for classes to add to your backpack. Here we're going to click on search. Once you land on this page in the subject box you can either click select subject and spine social work or in this case we'll go easy on ourselves and type in SW for social work. If you know the particular course number you can type it in but I usually like to select 500 level and above courses and also include independent study classes. This way I will have a full view of the courses being offered at the 500 level or above level in the area of social work. So once this information is filled in we'll click search. Now it will take a few seconds so be patient because again this is pulling every social Work course at the 500 level being offered at the 500 level or above and corresponding sections. So this can be a nightmare to navigate but the easiest thing is to collapse all. This way you will see the courses and their subject and on the left hand side you can click the drop down to see the corresponding sections. So in this case we're going to add field education to our backpack. I'm going to select Social Work 515 and yes there are many different section options but in this case we want to always select section 888. I will click select, it will take me to this page that will offer a brief summary of what I'm preparing to add to my backpack. I'll click next and now that course is in my backpack for winter 2023. I hope this has been helpful please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you.

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