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As an Online MSW admitted student, how do I register for a course or drop a course?

Video Transcript

Welcome back. So today I'm going to show you how to register and how to drop a course from your student center. You will click on backpack and registration which will take you to this page. Here you will see a listing of terms that are available for you to make changes. In this instance we have Winter 2023 available and this will be the term that we will use to add and drop a course. So I will select the corresponding term and continue on to the next screen which will take me to the backpack. I decided that I'm interested in taking social work 657 section 001. The courses in my backpack my registration appointment has began so now I can officially enroll. Here you will select the course for state to step two of three this will take you to this page where you can confirm the classes that you were preparing to add to your enrollment. Once you confirmed everything you will finish registering and once the system updates, your schedule will reflect that change. And so now you can see I am officially enrolled in Social Work 657 section 001. Now if you decide to make a change and you're no longer interested in that course go up to the top of your screen and click the drop button. Once you're here you will see the list of courses that are on your schedule. You will select the corresponding course and click drop selected classes it will take you back again to this screen where you can confirm your selection. You will confirm that you've selected the appropriate course click finish dropping and then you will be dropped from the course and the change will be noted in your schedule. Hope this helps!

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