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  • Himle, J. A., Bordnick, P. S., & Newman, J. (2016, January). SBIR/STTR funding mechanisms: Exemplars – What is it, what are the research priorities, and what types of social work research are supported by this funding. Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

  • Karpouzian T. M., Schroeder M. P., Abram S. V., Reilly J. L., & Smith M. J. (2016). Neural Correlates of Facial Affect Perception in High and Low Functioning Individuals with Schizophrenia. Poster presentation at the Schizophrenia International Research Society. Florence, Italy, April.

  • Markle, R., Midkiff, B., Ramirez, N., Ellis, J. M., Demetriou, C. P., & Panter, A. T. (2016, October). Noncognitive skills and support of first-generation college students. Paper presented at the National Conference on Students in Transition, New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Ingersoll-Dayton, B., Punpuing, S., & Tangchonlatip, K. (2016, November). The influence of Buddhism on grandparental caregiving in Thailand. Paper presentation at the Gerontological Society of America, New Orleans, LA.

  • Kerkerian, G., Kestler, M., Carter, A., Wang, L., Sereda, P., Roth, E., Milloy, M. J., Pick, N., Money, D., Kronfli, N., Lacombe-Duncan, A., Webster, K., Desbiens, M., Dubuc, D., Hogg, R.S., de Pokomandy, A., Loutfy, M. R., & Kaida, A., on behalf of the CHIWOS Research Team. (2016, July). Attrition across the HIV cascade of care among a diverse cohort of women living with HIV in Canada. Poster accepted for presentation at the 21st International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa.

  • Nguyen, A. W., Taylor, R. J., & Chatters, L. M. (2016, January). Social support from family and friends and suicidality among African Americans. Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

  • Ribaudo, J. M. (August 2016). Reflective Supervision. University Center for the Child and Family. Invited panelist. Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Zebrack, B. (2016, January). Health equity grand challenge: Eradicating health inequalities for future generations. Society for Social Work Research, Washington, DC.

  • Zebrack, B. (2016, March). Validation of a brief resilience measure for use in adolescents and young adults with caner: Psychometric properties of the shift and persist scale. American Psychosocial Oncology Society, San Diego, CA.

  • Ma, J., Grogan-Kaylor, A., Klein, S. (2016, January). Maltreatment in early childhood: The role of neighborhood disorganization and parental corporal punishment. Symposium Paper presented at Society for Social Work & Research (SSWR), Washington, DC.

  • Tipirneni R., Kieffer E., Haggins A., Slaman C., Chang T., Solway E., & Goold S. (2016, June). Primary care providers' decision-making on acceptance of medicaid patients: A qualitative study during Michigan's medicaid expansion. Academy Health 2016 Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA.

  • Shanks, T. & Blumenthal, A. (2016, November). Long-Term Impacts of Michigan SEED and Enduring Challenges to Saving for Low-Income Families. Association for Public Policy and Management (APPAM). Research Conference. Washington, DC.

  • Córdova, D., Schwartz, S. J., Unger, J. B., Baezconde-Garbanati, L., Villamar, J. A., Soto, D. W., Salas-Wright, C., Cano, M. A., Des Rosiers, S. E., Lorenzo-Blano, E., Piña-Wilson, B., Oshri, A., & Romero, A. (2016, March). Trajectories of parent-adolescent family functioning discrepancies are linked to HIV/STI risk behaviors among Hispanic adolescents. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence. Baltimore, MD.

  • Ribaudo, J. M. (November 2016). All Behavior Has Meaning. Kent County Birth to Five Professional Development Day. Invited Speaker. Michigan Department of Education. Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Kattari, S.K. & O’Connor, A.A. (2016, March). Development and validation of the Transgender Inclusive Behavior Scale. Paper accepted for presentation at the Association for Women in Psychology National Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Logie, C.H., Lacombe-Duncan, A., Poteat, T., & Wagner, A. (2016, June). Syndemics mediate the relationship between sexual stigma and depression among lesbian, bisexual, and queer women. Paper accepted for oral presentation at the 38th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

  • Eiler, A. (April, 2016). Pediatric Integrated Health within the Children’s System of Care, Primary Care. University of Michigan School of Social Work, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Richards-Schuster, K. (2016). Engaging Technology to Support Undergraduates in Social Justice-focused Interdisciplinary Reflection. Joint World Congress on Social Work, Education, and Social Development, Seoul, S. Korea.

  • Reed, B. G., Momper, S. (2016, April). Praxis for practice: Putting theory into action and exploring change. Cultural and Linguistic Competency, Wayne County Children's Mental Health Conference.

  • Friedline, T., West, S., Rosell, N., Serido, J., & Shim, S. (2016). “It takes a village”: Community-level explanations of young adults’ credit card debt. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), Grand Challenges for Social Work: Setting a Research Agenda for the Future, Washington, DC.

  • Lister, J.J., Woodcock, E.A., Weaver, A., & Greenwald, M.K. (2016, October). Race and sex difference in daily hassles, uplifts, and depression among regular heroin users. Oral presentation at the Wayne State University Researchers of Biobehavioral Health in Urban Settings Today Research Symposium, Detroit, MI.

  • Smith M. J., Humm L. B., Olsen D. E., Bell M. D., Fleming M. F. (2016). 6-Month Follow-Up After Virtual Job Interview Training in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Paper presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research. Atlanta, GA, May.

  • Ribaudo, J. M. (2016, March). Not going it alone: The role of reflective supervision. Alaska 2016 Early Childhood Mental Health Institute & Child, Adolescent and Family Behavioral Health Conference, Anchorage, AK.

  • Pinto, R. M., Witte, S., Choi, J., and Wall, M. (2016, January). Practitioner exposure to behavioral interventions predicts adoption and referrals to evolving biobehavioral innovations in a systems-level model – CDC Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Intervention. Annual Conference Anniversary Celebration of the Society for Social Work and Research.

  • Cafferty, J.J., & Wood, C.L. (2016, September). A clinician’s survival tool kit: Working with the rural veteran population. Presented at the 4th Annual Military Social Work Conference, University of Texas – Austin, Austin, TX.


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