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  • Montalvo-Liendo, N., Graham-Bermann, S.A., Grogan-Kaylor, A., (2016, October). Intimate Partner Violence in a Border Community: Latina/o Teen's Perspectives. Abstract accepted for poster presentation at the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International. Australia.

  • Lacombe-Duncan A., & Chuang, D-M. (2016, July). Enhancing positive outcomes for positive people: How do we promote life satisfaction among HIV+ low income men who have sex with men and people who use injection drugs in Taiwan? Poster accepted for presentation at the 21st International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa.

  • Friedline, T., & Despard, M. (2016). Does community financial opportunity relate to households’ financial inclusion and health? Paper presented at CFED’s Assets Learning Conference, Washington, DC.

  • Watkins, D. C., Allen, J. O., & Goodwill, J. R. (2016, January). A Facebook intervention to improve mental health and social support for young black men: The Young Black Men, Masculinities, and Mental Health (YBMen) Project. Society for Social Work Research 20th Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

  • Pinto, R. M., Muñoz, D. C., Rodríguez, S. G. (2016, November). Provider assessment of clients´ health promoting life styles. XXI Congreso Nacional de Sociología en Castilla-La Mancha: Pobreza, migraciones, refugio. Valdepenas, Ciudad Real, Spain.

  • Faller, K. C. (2016). Keynote: Forensic evaluations in child welfare: Efforts to assure safety, permanency, and wellbeing. New Jersey Summit on Forensic Evaluations. New Brunswick.

  • Faller, K. C., Corwin, D., & Vandervort, F. (2016). Serving as an Expert in Child Maltreatment Cases. Colloquium of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children, New Orleans.

  • Kieffer E., Scherer A., Kullgren J., Clark S., Rowe Z., Beathard E., Olorode T., Syzmecko L., Villapando Zamora, M., Solway E., Ayanian J., & Goold S. (2016, June). Early experiences of Michigan's medicaid expansion beneficiaries with cost-sharing and financial incentives for healthy behaviors. Academy Health 2016 Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA.

  • Bornheimer, L. A. & Jaccard, J. (2016, January). Depression, positive symptoms of psychosis, and suicidal ideation among adults diagnosed with schizophrenia: A secondary analysis of data from the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE) using structural equation modeling Oral presentation at the annual Society for Social Work Research conference, Washington DC.

  • Fisher, S., Wisner, K. & Hong, S. (2016) Mother and Father Postpartum Psychobiology in Relation to Parenting and Infant Stress. Oral presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention, Denver, CO.

  • Logie, C. H., Ding, E., de Pokomandy, A., O’Camp, P., O’Brien, N.,Greene, S., Tharao, W., Jabbari, S., Carter, A., Proulx-Boucher, K., Carlson, A., Yin, S.Y., Desbiens, M., Webster, K., Dubuc, D., Sereda, P., Colley, G., Hogg, R., Kaida, A., Lacombe-Duncan, A., & Loutfy, M. R., on behalf of the CHIWOS Research Team. (2016, July). High reports of violence in adulthood among women living with HIV in Canada and affiliated risk factors. Poster accepted for presentation at the 21st International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa.

  • Logie, C. H., & Lacombe-Duncan, A. The ‘Queer Women Conversations’ group-based HIV and STI prevention intervention for lesbian, bisexual, queer and other women who have sex with women in Toronto and Calgary, Canada: Results from a nonrandomized cohort pilot study. Paper accepted for oral presentation at the Rainbow Health Ontario 2016 Conference, London, Ontario, Canada.

  • Richards-Schuster, K. (2016). Youth Participation in Community Development and Social Action: Lessons from a Participatory Research Project in Metropolitan Detroit. Joint World Congress on Social Work, Education, and Social Development, Seoul, S. Korea.

  • Ji, Q. Y., Zhang, A., & Chen, Y. T. (2016, Jun.). Transforming healthcare of the future: Integrated behavioral health in medical settings. Oral presentation at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development. COEX, Seoul, Korea.

  • Richards-Schuster, K. (2016). Youth Participatory Research and Evaluation, Presentation for Minneapolis Public Research Evaluation and Assessment- Presentations for MPS School Social Workers and Community Network Partners, Minneapolis, MN

  • Dubin, L. J. (2016, November). Aggression and Dementia in the Inpatient Hospital Setting. Gerontological Society of America Conference; Orlando, FL.

  • Root, L., & Lopez, K. (2016). Fostering Resiliency Studying Abroad. Session presented at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education, and Social Development, Seoul, South Korea.

  • Carlson, J., Allen, C. , Leek, C., Tolman, R. M. , Casey, E, & Storer, H. (2016, January). Engaging men globally: The nature and impact of events A=aimed at engaging men in efforts to eliminate gender-based violence. Society for Social Work and Research, Washington, DC.

  • Ribaudo, J. M. (June 2016). Understanding Young Children’s “Unexplainable” Behavior. Keynote Address. When Baby isn’t Wanted: An Intergenerational Story of Separation and Loss. Workshop. Wisconsin Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Conference. Elkhart Lake, WI.

  • Galura, J.A., Elliston, A., Scimeca, S. CASC Advising as Connective Tissue: Across Campus, In Communities, and Over Time. LSA 15th Annual Advisors Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Wiland, S. R. (2016, September). Evidence-based addiction treatment: The legacy of Project MATCH. MDHHS 17th Annual Statewide Substance Use/Co-Occurring Conference. Detroit, MI.

  • Ustel, P., Perone, A.K.,* Ortega, R. M., & Momper, S.L. (2016) Applying Critical Intersectionality through Focus Groups. Council on Social Work Education APM, Atlanta, GA.

  • Mochizuki, Y. & Yoshihama, M. (2016, August). In Dialogue with PhotoVoice: Contributing to Communities through Practicum in Japanese Translation. Paper presentation at the Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE), Niagara Falls, Canada.

  • Altschul, I., & Lee, S.J. (2016, January). Destructive and constructive marital conflict and their effects on child problem behaviors. Society for Social Work & Research (SSWR) Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

  • Checkoway, B. N. (2016). From marginal to organized in Arab-American communities. National Network for Arab American Communities, Dearborn, MI.


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