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Sexual Health Certificate FAQ

  1. What constitutes "at least one full year of relevant post-degree work experience" for the Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    For the sex therapy certificate: Applicants must have a minimum of a master's degree in a field of mental health from an accredited institution of higher learning (e.g. MA, MSW, PhD, PsyD, MD, MS).

    One year of relevant work in the field constitutes at least one full Press enter to read full text...

  2. What if I am having technical problems affecting my access to this Continuing Education certificate program at home?

    If you're having difficulty connecting to a live certificate program session via BlueJeans, please call their 24/7 technical support line at 866-613-4030.  

    If you are experiencing any other type of technical difficulty related to a continuing education program, please contact the Office of Continuing Education at

  3. What if I have a concern about the number of CE contact hours awarded or about the certificate program? What steps do I take to resolve this concern?

    The first step is to contact the Office of Continuing Education at 734-763-5723 or at so that we can work quickly to address your concern. The program coordinator for the certificate will be notified in this process and can assist in reaching a Press enter to read full text...

  4. What if I just graduated from college? Does this experience qualify me for the Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    If you just graduated from college, you will need at least one full year of post-graduation work experience working directly with people in a 'helping' capacity.

  5. What should I expect to pay on flights and hotels for the Sexual Health Certificate?

    Travel costs differ by by distance from Ann Arbor, but a participant in the 2014 cohort reports the following for a 4-night stay in Ann Arbor:

    "Hotel: $650 for 4 nights - I stayed at hotels on campus, which were more expensive but very convenient options because I Press enter to read full text...

  6. When is my first payment due for the Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    The first payment is due by the first Monday in February. If the payment is not received by that date, we will assume you are no longer interested in attending. No reminder notices are sent to those who have not paid. If you do not pay by the first Monday in February, and decide to pay later, the accepted applicant cannot be guaranteed a place in the program. Late paying individuals will be accepted based on space available.

  7. When should I apply to the Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    The application process is 'rolling admission'. The applicant acceptances for the upcoming Spring Cohort are usually filled by January 31st of that year. Applicants may apply after that time and be waitlisted for the Spring Cohort. There is no guarantee that Press enter to read full text...

  8. When will my Sexual Health Certificate application be reviewed?

    Your application will be reviewed when you have submitted a complete application. This includes the following:

    • Online application
    • Personal statement
    • Payment of application fee (this can only be submitted online with your application)
    • Current CV/Resume
    • Electronic copies of:
      • Current professional license(s)
      • Transcript from your most recent completed academic schooling (undergraduate or graduate school)

    Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

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