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Sexual Health Certificate FAQ

  1. I have never taken a blended course before. What is a blended course?

    This blended certificate program combines online modules and pre-recorded videos that you view and work through at your own pace, as well as interactive sessions, in which you will interact with the instructor and other participants through remote access. Reading materials and study aids will be located on a course website that you can access throughout the program.

  2. I need to complete a SAR training. Is it okay for me to only attend the SAR training offered as part of the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    The Sexual Attitude Reassessment is designed to explore personal values and beliefs surrounding human sexuality. The University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program recognizes the sensitivity of information shared during the training and honors the privacy of all participants enrolled in the program. For this reason, individuals not enrolled in the UMSHC Program are unable to attend the SAR training.

  3. If I am getting a loan for a Continuing Education Certificate Program, can the bank or lender make the loan directly to you?

    No. This certificate program receives all payments directly from the person attending the program.

  4. If I am told I am accepted into the program, does that mean I will be coming to UMSHCP?

    If you are accepted into the program, you will receive a letter notifying you and describing how to pay the first payment of the tuition. This payment guarantees your admission into the program.

  5. If I attended the School of Social Work or other colleges within the University of Michigan, do I have to send official transcripts for the Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    Yes, an electronic copy of your transcript must be submitted with your application.

  6. Is a payment plan available for the Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    Yes. Individuals admitted into the U-M Sexual Health Certificate Program may opt to pay in three equal installments throughout the duration of the 12-month program. The first payment is to be submitted by the first Monday in February. The next installment is due by the first Monday in July, and the final installment is due by the first Monday in November. Upon acceptance, participants will receive a letter indicating the exact due dates and dollar amounts to be paid.

  7. Is financial aid or scholarship assistance available for this Continuing Education certificate program?

    No, this Continuing Education certificate program does not have financial aid available.

  8. Is this Continuing Education Certificate Program a Certification Program?

    This certificate program is not a certification. It provides participants with a curriculum that supports more intensive study in a particular specialty area. Our certificate programs are not designed to be certifications for performance of particular jobs or tasks.

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