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Sexual Health Certificate FAQ

  1. How is this continuing education program evaluated (e.g., graded)?

    In order for participants to complete (e.g., "pass") the certificate program, they must complete all listed requirements, which includes receiving a passing score on quizzes/post-tests and completing evaluations. The quizzes/post-tests include a few multiple-choice and true-false questions that cover the course content. The certificate itself is not graded: Participants either complete or do not complete.

  2. How long do I have to complete an evaluation?

    Please see the CE policies page.

  3. How will I know when my Sexual Health Certificate application is being reviewed?

    Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Most applications are reviewed within one month of submission.  Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified by email about your admission status. Please note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  4. I am having difficulty accessing Canvas. How do I sign on?

    Please refer to the instructions you were provided in the orientation email., which include contact information for troubleshooting.

  5. I completed the evaluation--where is my certificate?

    A link to your certificate can be found in two ways:

    1. At the end of the evaluation, a link to your certificate is provided.
    2. Once you have fully completed the evaluation, an email will be sent to you with a link to your certificate.

    If you are still having problems viewing your certificate, please contact [email protected].

  6. I do not have a webcam with a microphone on my home or work computer. What can I do?

    You do not need a high-end webcam in order to participate--there are decent webcams for as low as $20.00. You can plug in most webcams by using an USB port and downloading the software for that particular webcam.

    You might also want to consider getting a headset with a microphone, which can help minimize background sounds and improve the quality of your learning experience. Headsets are not required but many participants find them helpful.

  7. I have never taken a hybrid course before. What is a hybrid course?

    This hybrid certificate program combines pre-recorded videos that you view and work through at your own pace, as well as live interactive sessions, in which you will learn with the instructor and other participants by Zoom. Reading materials and study aids will be located on a course website that you can access throughout the program.

  8. I need to complete a SAR training. Is it okay for me to only attend the SAR training offered as part of the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program?

    Courses in the Sexual Health Certificate Program are not available as independent courses outside of the complete program.

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