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  1. Dean's Office »

    Dean Lynn Videka

    Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs Joseph A. Himle

    Associate Dean for Educational Programs Lorraine M. Gutiérrez

    Associate Dean for Research Rogério Pinto

  2. Audio Visual Services

    Responsible for staffing the clinical suite, which includes video and audio recording and dubbing for faculty and class distribution.

    Reserve audio and visual equipment.

  3. Business Operations

    Coordinates the financial activities for the School of Social Work.

  4. Career Services »

    Career Center staff are available to help with career assistance for alumni, informational interviewing techniques, interview preparation, job search strategies, licensing questions, networking strategies, portfolio development, resume / cover letter reviews, and salary negotiation techniques.

  5. Center for Equitable Family & Community Well-Being »

    Redefining University-Community Engagement

    In a dynamic, post-industrial multi-cultural society, it is easy for systems and policies to evolve in such a way that they become misaligned. Similarly, with a history of racism and growing class divides, some families and communities receive inadequate attention and investment and find themselves disconnected from the resources and opportunities of their surrounding economy. Successful responses are not easy or guaranteed, but there are occasions when policymakers make an appropriate fix or when grassroots leaders and local champions rally around a promising strategy. The goal of the Center for Equitable Family and Community Well-Being is to encourage and support such win-win efforts by connecting the resources and intellectual strength of the University of Michigan with the passion and social capital of community leaders.

    Most importantly, families and communities will be at the heart of our work. The primary criteria for any project work will be that it explicitly improve the well-being of families and/or communities and reduce existing inequities. 

    Although there are many partnerships and models of engaged research that take place between the University and external individuals or groups, the work is often disconnected, especially as they show up in the Detroit metropolitan area. The methodology introduced here will be intentional about connecting other U of M centers and initiatives around Center projects and associated goals.

    Trina Shanks
    Professor and Director, Center for Equitable Family & Community Well-Being

    Core Values

    • Impact through empowerment
    • Impact through results
    • Impact through relationship and resource collaboration


    • To expose oppressive systems and empower families and communities to thrive.


    • Utilizing collaborative relationships and innovative practice to foster a more equitable distribution of power and resources.
  6. Community Action and Social Change »

    The CASC minor is for students interested in developing knowledge, skills, and experiences in community action and social change.

    To schedule an academic advising appointment, visit the online appointment form.

  7. Continuing Education »

    Coordinates the School of Social Work continuing education offerings and assists in the registration for continuing education mini-courses and workshops.
  8. Curtis Center »

    The Curtis Center's Mission is to eliminate mental health and health care access disparities with the aim of helping underserved populations live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

  9. Development and Alumni Relations »

    Committed to building and strengthening relationships between the School and its alumni and friends.

  10. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion »

    Responsible for coordinating the implementation efforts of the School's diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan.

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