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Online MSW FAQ


  1. Are International Students eligible for the Online MSW?

    No. U.S. Citizenship or U.S. Permanent Residency status is required to pursue the Online MSW program.

  2. Are undocumented or DACAmented students eligible to apply to the Online MSW program?

    Yes. The student must reside within the U.S. and meet criteria for one of the following paths:

  3. Can I complete the Online MSW program as a dual degree student?

    Dual degree students are not eligible to participate in the Online MSW program.

  4. Can I transfer in credits to the online program from another MSW program?

    It may be possible to transfer credits. Please contact the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management at [email protected] with any inquiry.

  5. Can students live outside of the United States and complete the Online MSW Program?

    No. It is not possible to complete the entire Online MSW program while living outside of the United States. Students who are U.S. Citizens or who have Permanent Residency status in the U.S. may take courses while outside of the United States, however their field placement hours (credits) must be completed in the United States, not including U.S. territories. Please review the Distance Education Disclosure form for more information.

  6. Do students have to live near Michigan to attend the online MSW program?

    No. Students are not required to live near Michigan for the Online MSW Program, but students are required to complete field placement hours in the United States.

  7. If I complete the MasterTrack certificate program can I apply to the Online MSW degree program?

    You may apply for the Online Master of Social Work (MSW) program before, during, or after starting or completing the MasterTrack Certificate program. Some students may want to have confirmation that they are fully admitted to the MSW program before purchasing the MasterTrack courses. Review the posted deadlines for the Online MSW Program and apply as early as possible.

  8. Who is eligible for the Online MSW?

    The part time online program is designed for advanced learners. We classify advanced learners as those who have advanced standing eligibility or those who have been admitted through the MasterTrack MSW program, MicroMasters MSW program, U-M Sociology and Social Work program, or UM-Dearborn Human Services and Social Work partnership.

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