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MasterTrack MSW

MasterTrack MSW Financial Aid

  1. Are MasterTrack MSW students eligible for grants and scholarships?

    MasterTrack MSW students can apply for need and merit-based grants and scholarships when they begin taking MSW course. More information about financial aid can be found here.

  2. Are special scholarships programs available for MasterTrack MSW student?

    Yes, MasterTrack MSW students may apply and participate in special scholarship programs if they complete their degree through the full time on-campus option.

  3. Can MasterTrack MSW students apply for loans?

    Yes, MasterTrack MSW students may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid to apply for federal loans for the terms that they are enrolled at the University of Michigan.

  4. What are the MSW program fees?

    MasterTrack students will have 45 credits remaining for the MSW degree, which is equivalent to 3 semesters of full time tuition cost. Tuition costs vary based upon whether a student is a Michigan resident or non-resident. Tuition estimates can be found here.

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