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Certificate Course

  1. After completing the MasterTrack certificate program would I have my MSW degree?

    No. You would have a MasterTrack Certificate in Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MasterTrack. You will receive the MSW degree only if you proceed into the MSW degree program after you complete the MasterTrack certificate courses.

  2. Are the live sessions included in the MasterTrack Certificate program recorded?

    Yes and no. The first session in week one will be recorded as it will go through the objectives and the assignments for the course. The second session, halfway through the course will provide in-person office hours where students can ask questions related to the course. The office hour section will not be recorded.

  3. Are the MasterTrack Certificate courses on Coursera entirely online? Will there be any in person meetings?

    The MasterTrack Certificate program is completely online. Each course besides the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will have two live sessions - one during the first week of the course and one halfway through the course. These will allow you to build community and ask any questions you may have related to the course.

  4. Are there course deadlines/due dates in the Master Track courses?

    MasterTrack courses have a fixed schedule, which means you need to complete all your coursework during a specific time period. Courses have hard deadlines which you can't reset. You may be able to switch sessions if you fall behind.

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  5. Do any of the MasterTrack courses include mathematics or statistics-centered content?

    Our Research Methods course is the only course that would include some statistical content. Once you are in the MSW program, depending upon your chosen pathway within the residential program, there could be additional statistics courses required.

  6. Do MasterTrack courses have projects/assignments and what are they like?

    Each course has a number of projects and assignments that students will complete. They are very aligned with skills that social workers use in professional practice.

  7. Do students take all 5 MasterTrack Courses at the same time?

    No. The MasterTrack certificate was designed to be completed over a 6 month period (taking 2 classes at a time), or a 4 month period (taking 3 classes at a time). It is strongly discouraged for students to take more than 3 classes at a time, unless they are working on the MasterTrack full time. Each course is approximately 8-weeks long.

  8. How large is a MasterTrack Certificate cohort?

    The MasterTrack certificate began in September 2020 with 90 students in the first cohort. There is currently no limit to the number of students who can join the MasterTrack certificate cohort.

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