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  1. I am very interested in social work but do not think I will be able to continue to get a degree through the University of Michigan. Would the successful completion of this program still lead to a certificate?

    Yes, but it is not credit bearing so you cannot get a reduction in credit requirement at another MSW program.

  2. Are the MasterTrack courses graded?

    Yes, they are graded.

  3. Are there requirements for enrolling in the MasterTrack certificate?

    Anyone can engage in the MasterTrack Certificate program.

  4. Do we take all 5 MasterTrack courses at the same time?

    No they are sequential.

  5. How long after completing the MasterTrack, can you apply for the MSW program?

    You may apply for the MSW program before, during or after starting or completing the Master Track certificate program.

  6. How many hours per week would each course be?

    You can expect to spend between 3 and 4 hours per week on the MasterTrack courses, assuming you take them one at a time.

  7. If one finishes the certificate and chooses to pursue the online Masters program you’re starting in May, how long would it take to complete the rest of the Masters?

    The online program is part time and is seven semesters long (two years and four months). The online program will include the Interpersonal Practice in Behavioral Health and Mental Health and Substance Abuse pathway.

  8. If you complete this MasterTrack Certificate, this would put you in a good spot to start the online MSW potentially? Does it count for credit for the program?

    You may apply for the online program in advance of starting the Master Track. Our online program application will be available in August. Our first online cohort will begin in May 2021, but you will need to complete the Master Track beginning this fall. Completing the Master Track will reduce the requirements in the University of Michigan MSW program from 60 to 45. The Master Track is not credit bearing, so it will not reduce requirements in other MSW programs.

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