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PhD Research Publications

  1. Olivia D. Chang
  2. Kari Sherwood
  3. Olivia D. Chang
  4. EB  Gross
  5. EB  Gross
  6. EB  Gross
  7. Brittany Ribeiro Brown
  8. Yun Chen
    Staller, K. M. and Chen, Y. (2022). Choosing a Research Design for Qualitative Research. Flick, U. (Ed). SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Design. London: Sage Publications.
  9. Valerie Taing
  10. Ronke G. Olawale
  11. Lauren White
  12. So'Phelia Morrow
  13. So'Phelia MorrowAnna Wood
  14. Irene E. Routte
  15. Olivia D. Chang
  16. Sunghyun Hong
  17. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis
  18. Lauren White
  19. Sunghyun Hong
  20. Vitalis Im
  21. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis
  22. Lauren White
  23. Lauren White
    Wells, CB., White, L., Schmidt, T., Rataj, S., McEachern, D., Kirk, T., Garnie, J., Moto, R., Wisnieski, D., & Wexler, L. (2022). Adapting PC CARES to continue suicide prevention in rural Alaska during the COVID-19 pandemic: narrative overview of an in-person community-based suicide prevention program moving online. American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research, 29(2), 126-154.
  24. Lauren White
  25. Ronke G. Olawale


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